Out with the old, in with the new

I usually get some sort of winter running apparel like gloves or a windbreaker for Christmas. This year Husband got me new tights. I guess I can get rid of the 10-year-old pair that has kept me warm all these year, but that I’ve got to keep pulling up because the elastic in the waist is shot.

Gotta run…


Number one fan

Husband and I ran several races together in the spring, then he sprained his ankle. Now he is often at the starting line as well as the finish line of every race I run. He stayed up with me last Saturday, even though he had a big day the next day. He never once tried to talk me out of entering the Midnight Run (he may have been tempted to). He positioned himself on the course at a strategic spot where he could see me go by six times. That way I was cheered on about every 5 minutes. I may have got second place, but he’s number one!

Gotta run…


Christmas Midnight Run, 2

At 10 p.m. Saturday, families and Santas ran one 2.5K lap through the old city on steep, narrow, windy streets. At 11 p.m., there was a two-lap race. At midnight, the bravest lined up for three laps. Fortunately for us, the temperature had risen above freezing, so there was no slipping and sliding on the cobblestone course. When I crossed the finish line, they announced on the loud speaker that I was third in my category. But they were mistaken, I was actually second! So for the first time in my life (and probably the last), I got to climb onto the podium. It was pretty cool.

Gotta run…


Christmas Midnight Run, 1

Last year, Lausanne held a Christmas Midnight Run. Son 2 was living in Marseille, France, at the time. He thought it would be fun to enter the race with his parents when he came home for Christmas. The only problem was that his train got into Geneva at 10:50 that evening and it’s a 50-minute drive from Geneva to Lausanne. The train was on time, so Husband called me from the station to say I could go ahead and sign them up. They sped home, changed, jogged to the starting line, grab their race bibs, and ran. This year Son 2 is not coming home for Christmas. It won’t be the same without him.

Gotta run…


What's new?

I asked a friend if her husband could pick up a copy of Runner’s World for me on his last trip to the States. When she gave me the magazine, she asked what they could possibly find to write about month after month, year after year. I swapped her for an issue of “O” that another friend had sent me; now there’s a magazine that would be hard for some of us to fill each month.
They do all kinda looks the same, don’t they?

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Over the river and through the woods

My iPod currently plays exclusively Christmas tunes. Now Elvis, The Roches (one of my favorites too, Randy), Sandi Patti, Bing Crosby, Handel, Relient K (thanks kids), The Three Tenors, and a few others accompany me on my runs.

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The first race I ever entered was Geneva’s Escalade. A fairly new race when I was living in Geneva in the early '80s, it is now one of the most popular race in Switzerland. This years edition was held Saturday and nearly 22 thousand people braved the rain. Besides the competitive events, the last race of the day is called “la Marmite” (The Pot) in which thousands of costumed runners shuffle along the narrow course. I’ve not participated since '82, even though I’ve often meant to. Something else always seems to come up.

Gotta run…

circa 1981



I’m not a cold weather person. I have to find extra motivation to run once the temperature drops. A sweet friend who used to live in Lausanne sent us two care packages from the States filled with all the American goodies we miss. Besides the Cheetos and the mountain of other favorites, there were 4 pounds of pecans and a quart of Karo syrup. I have two pecan pies in the oven and two more ready to go in. Did you know that a slice of pecan pie packs up to 700 calories? Now that’s motivation.

Gotta run…



A growing number of races in the U.S. ban MP3 players now. I think that’s a bit extreme. To listen or not to listen should be left to the runner’s discretion. I enjoy listening to my iPod on runs, but I would never think of taking it along when I’m running with someone. I find it sad when I see couples or friends running side by side, each in their own little MP3 world.

Gotta run…