Fill ‘er up!

I have iron-tired blood. No matter how much iron I ingest, my body doesn’t absorb it. Once or twice a year, I get pumped up with IV iron. When I went in for my appointment yesterday, the nurse said, “You’re the one running a marathon soon, aren’t you?” When I told her I was, she said, “So you’ll be doped up.” I guess you could see it that way. Even if it doesn’t make a difference physically, I’ll have a psychological advantage (I’m probably the type of person for whom a placebo would do wonders). Now if I run poorly, I have no excuse.

Gotta run…



With the marathon less than four weeks away, I couldn't afford to go the five days I'm spending in Albacete, Spain, without running. So the first morning I went down to the hotel desk and asked, "¿es mejor ir a correr en que lado?" The receptionist answered, "¿para que no te pierdas?" "Exactamente," I said. As it turns out, there is a very narrow, but one mile long, park just a block from our hotel. ¡Perfecto!

Gotta run...


2009 Lausanne Marathon

Husband and I went to the Lausanne Marathon expo Friday evening. My friends who volunteer every year said, “So, you’ve come to pick up your race bib.” Not this time. I’ve only been out of town and missed the Lausanne half marathon a time or two in the last ten years, but today I’m in Spain helping chaperon a group of teens. Husband is the family representative in this year’s half; his first 21.1K. He should be crossing the finish line about now. Wish we could be running side by side.

Gotta run…


Long, longer, longest

I ran my longest long run today; 30K. The rain that started fallin this morning didn't seem to be lettting up, so Husband suggested I run our 15K route twice; that way I could always change into dry clothes half way through. By the time I left the house it was just sprinkling, and after 8 or 9 K it stopped raining all together. When I reached home after 15, Husband got me a snack and I was off again. I think that made all the difference, because 30 felt better than the 27 two weeks ago. I definitely deserve a big bowl of ice-cream!

Gotta run…


When in Paris

Husband and I just spent four days in Paris. On Saturday morning we ran to the Tuileries. There were a decent number of runners out doing laps around the gardens. We had seen a few lone runners along the Seine, but had been wondering where the Parisians go to run. Later that morning we took a walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg. We’ve been to races with fewer runners, there was an almost constant stream of runners on the path. Clearly, this was the place to run. I still wonder how they get to the gardens; on foot, bicycle, metro?

Gotta run…


It’s cold out there

From one day to the next, I went from wearing shorts and a t-shirt on my runs and looking forward to the shady stretches, to wearing long sleeves and tights and wishing I had thought to put on gloves too. Since the marathon we’re signed up for takes place November 21st, I guess it’s about time I started getting used to cold weather. From now on in, it may be cold out there every day.

Gotta run…


Think positive

Husband and I ran 27K this afternoon. You have no idea how tough it was, or maybe you do. I can’t help doubt my ability to go the distance, after all it’ll take another 15K to reach 42! I realize that running by ourselves is not like running the day of the race with all the other runners, spectators and other festivities along the course. Still…
In any event, we’ve decided to stay positive. My mantra will be, “I think I can,” just like the little engine that could.

Gotta run…


What's in a name?

Veteran, senior, master. These three words describe the over 40 year-old runners in different countries. At many races in Switzerland, I’m considered a senior; I picture an elderly person with a walker. In France, I’m a veteran; the image of an old soldier comes to mind. But in the States, I'm a master! Even though Yoda pops into my head, I believe I actually like the Jedi Master comparison best.

Gotta run…


It’s all relative

I don’t want to leave the wrong impression, I don’t claim to be one of the good runners. I couldn’t catch the good runners if my life depended on it. Those ladies always cross the finish line several minutes ahead of me. I only place well if several of the good ‘58ers don’t show up, or if there are multiple distances run the same day (a quarter, a half, and a full marathon, for example), which spreads out the competition. But I can claim to be the best of the other average runners in my category, even though the others are hot on my heals, sometimes finishing just seconds behind me!

Gotta run…