Course à Travers Pully

Before my slump, I had already decided to run fewer races this year. This evening’s 10K, that Husband and I ran last year, combines everything I dislike: A downhill start with a hairpin turn followed by a single-file bottleneck, hills I can walk up faster than I can run up, multiple laps, and an ugly prize. So the slump just confirms my decision to sit this one out.

Gotta run…



Ok, I’ll tell you the real reason I didn’t take my sports watch to Ardèche last week, and why I haven’t used the GPS watch. I’m in a slump. I’ve been running slower and slower over the past few months. Even the 800 milligrams of intravenous iron I was pumped up with a month ago doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. After running my best last year, it’s hard to accept poor results, but as Mom used to say, “my get up and go has got up and went.”

Gotta run…


Global Positioning

We were in Ardèche, France, last week for a church retreat. I decided not to pack my sports watch so that my runs would be more relaxed. The first thing C. told us when we got there was that he had a new GPS watch, and that we should try it. We never did take him up on his offer, so as we were getting ready to leave three days later C. said: “Take it home with you; keep it as long as you like.” I haven’t used the watch yet, but husband has worn it on two runs. Maybe I’ll take it out for a spin tomorrow.

Gotta run…


Cutting costs

Runner’s World reported that the Austin Marathon lost its main sponsor this year. Among other measures, organizers decided to eliminate prize money. I guess a savings of $100 000 goes a long way towards making the budget. As a result, elite runners were not drawn to the race, even so registration was up 25%. I kinda like the idea of a true people’s race.

Gotta run…


I’m not one to compare, but…

Husband told me this morning that he has been keeping a record of his training and has run well over 400 kilometers so far this year. Naturally I had to go through my day planner and add up my kilometers too. The good new is that I don’t need new shoes yet; only 390 k for me since January 1st. This may be the first time we’ve experienced such a reversal. But I have clocked in 20 hours on my stationary bike. I don’t really know how that translates, but it counts for something.

Gotta run…


Fast and steady

C. had never run a full marathon until a couple of years ago, so he ran that first one conservatively and still finished in 2:49. He was asked to be a pacer in the Geneva Marathon last Sunday. Some of the other pacers didn’t do very well – it’s much harder than you would think – but C. got his group in within 30 seconds of their goal: 3:15! After the race, C. was approached by a man from Italy who offered to pay all his and his family’s expenses if he would go down to Italy to pace a marathon there. We are very proud of him! Of course, we are also proud of several other friends, like A. and M., who have decided to tackle the 26-mile distance at their own pace this year.

Gotta run…


Home again, home again

Son 2 got home from college yesterday. As I’ve said before, he’s our only child who stuck with running. Chances are we won’t run together much; old mom is getting way too slow. But it’ll be nice to have him around for three months; and, who knows, we might fit in some races while he’s in Lausanne.

Gotta run…

1997 4K

2007 10K


Cramped quarters

A young man who couldn’t afford a hotel room, but needed shelter from the rain before a 10-mile race, spent the night in a porta-potty. Here’s what he later told Runner’s World:

I sat on the seat lid and leaned back against the wall. I actually got a good night’s sleep. The stall was clean, and I was right on the beach, so it was soothing listening to the waves.

Oh, by the way, he won the race.


“Time” to graduate

When Brother was “working” on his bachelor’s degree at Pepperdine University, his GPA was not high on his list of priorities (in his defense, he later earned a master’s degree with high honors). His last class to complete was a phys-ed requirement. Unfortunately for him, besides performance, silly things like attendance counted toward his grade. On the last day of class, his teacher told him that the only way to pass the course was to run a 5-minute mile. So now Brother boasts that he graduated from college with 6 seconds to spare.

Happy silver graduation anniversary, Brother!

Gotta run…