Bad timing

No sooner had I officially announced my marathon training plans when I developed shin splints. Apparently, the best treatment is rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Healing takes anywhere from a few weeks to three months!

Gotta rest...


No turning back

The Nice-Cannes Marathon is just 1oo days away. Husband and I have paid our sign-up fees submitted our clean bill of health (mandatory for French races), reserved our hotel, room, and bought our plane tickets. Let the serious training begin!

Gotta run...


Going places

I have never run in so many new locations in such a short period of time. I had never even visited Oregon before. Husband and I ran along the river near Portland and in the hills above Klamoth Falls. Once we crossed into California, we ran up and down the piers in Crescent City and beside the canal in Antioch. After being on the road for a week, we are in Fresno on familiar turf. So it's back to the Sugar Pine trail for now.

Gotta run...


Such a deal

Besides needing a new pair of shoes, there were several reasons for me to go to the Nike store in the outlet mall just south of Portland. The weak dollar makes even regularly priced items a steal compared to Swiss prices and there is no sales tax in Oregon. I didn't bother trying on any models besides the shoe I always buy. I picked up a pair of size 8 Air Pegasus and headed to the checkout to wait my turn in the long line. The person in line behind me offered me their extra 30% employee discount coupon, so I paid less than $50 for my new shoes! How nice to be in Nikeland!

Gotta run...