30th Cross des Amis de la Nature

Last Saturday was this year's first spring race. It was a beautiful day, so I biked down to Chavannes. I picked up my bib, greeted other runners I hadn't seen for months, then warmed up. I had only run this particular race once before and remembered it as being challenging. The women were running twice around the 2K cross country course, then an hour later the men were running three laps. Soon after our race started, the gaps began to widen between runners; by the time I finished the first lap, there was no one within 50 yards ahead or behind me. We were strung out that way till the end of the race. I was pleased to see several of the men encouraging us as we ran by. I would have stayed to cheer for them on their three laps; but with company coming that evening, I hopped on my bike to get home to cook dinner.

Gotta run...