No, I haven’t seen any woodland creatures recently; “Bambi” is the name of this past Saturday’s 7.5K. I’m not sure how it got that name, but the race is held in the forest just north of town. The interesting thing about this run is the fact that starting times are staggered. Runners 80 and over set out a full 13 minutes before those 30 and younger. Those of us in our 50s had a 3’30’’ head start on the youngest competitors. At 2K, a first wave of runners passed me, then another wave went by at 4K. I overtook a couple of older women and four younger women left me in the dust. This year, the first dozen or so men and women to cross the finish line were all in their 40s or early 50s. It was a fun way to measure up.

Gotta run…



While looking for pictures of the “twins” I ran across this picture of my first regular running buddy:

Gotta run…


Lasting bonds

Running with M. makes me miss S. We met at the hospital. When Son 2 was born, the delivery room nurse said, “another woman from California gave birth to a girl less than an hour ago!” (That was noteworthy because most Americans opt for the private clinics instead of the university hospital.) Turns out S. lived just two blocks from us! We started running together a few times a week, but they moved back to the States less than two years later. We keep in touch and have visited back and forth several times over the years. Maybe one day we will run together again. It could happen.

Gotta run…

Several birthdays the “twins” celebrated together


Writing on the run

This is my 200th post. I compose many of my posts while running. When I get home, I quickly write down my thoughts. I publish some posts right away; others simmer on the back burner for a few days, weeks, or occasionally months. Now we’ll see if I have the endurance to make it to 300.

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Chance encounter, 2

I met M.B. one Saturday a few months ago. I saw her come out of her house about a mile into my run. I caught up, said hello and found out she was a fellow American. I’m glad I decided not to let the introvert in me gain the upper hand that day! M.B. and I now meet up about once a week for an hour-long run. It’s been great to have a regular running partner. I hope we can log many more miles together.

Gotta run…


Chance encounter

Speaking of hearing footsteps behind me, one time I was overtaken by another runner on a long run while training for a half marathon. But this guy didn’t leave me in the dust. (Had I been listening to my iPod that day, I bet he would have passed without a word.) He slowed down, said he had been closing in for quite a while and that I looked strong. I told him what I was training for and we ran together for several kilometers. Before parting ways, he said he was sure I would do great in the upcoming race. What a pleasure to get a boost like that!

Gotta run…


Let it go

I had decided to go on an easy run since I’m trying getting over a cold. I was minding my own business, enjoying listening to Carolyn Arends on my iPod, when suddenly I heard footsteps. A young runner passed me. I was tempted to accelerate to keep up with her. I resisted, even though I sped up slightly despite myself. Fortunately, she turned off my route after about half a mile and I was able to relax. Meeting runners coming the opposite direction is less complicated.

Gotta run…