20km de Lausanne 2010

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for our races Saturday. We enjoyed our little pasta party in the back yard, then everyone left at different times depending on their race schedule and how long they take to warm up. Even though it was hot out there, but I hit my goal time down to the second. The rest of the day didn’t go quite according to plan. I couldn't find any of the people I was supposed to meet at the 10K finish line. Then I somehow didn’t see Husband or MB go by the strategic spot where I had positioned myself on the 20K course. But at least when I realized they had already gone by, I was able to take a shortcut back down to the finish line and see both of them. Just minor glitches. It could have been much worse. As I was leaving the house, half an hour before my starting time, I noticed I had pinned on Husband’s 20K bib instead of my 10K bib! Oups! How sad would that have been!

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In motion

I pulled these photos, taken not far from the finish line, off the Traîne Savates website.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. The 20km de Lausanne is the third largest race in Switzerland, with over 18000 runners large and small signed up. Husband will run the 20K, Son 1 and I are running the 10K. There are kids’ 2 and 4Ks all day long; the big races aren’t till late afternoon. This evening, I’ll go down and pick up race bibs for our family and some friends, then tomorrow at noon we're having a pasta party at our house. Come on over if you are in the neighborhood.

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Way to celebrate

Most years, a 2:08:41 finish (best American time ever for the Boston Marathon) would have been enough to win. But it put Ryan Hall in fourth place yesterday. At the foot of the podium. He was third last year. In his post-race interview, he was anything but negative. He talked about having fun and celebrating whatever the Lord had in store for him.

Ryan Hall: Post Boston Marathon Interview

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To stretch: 5 to cause the limbs of (a person) to be pulled esp. in torture (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary)

All the long runs and prolonged sitting (from traveling) made my chronic pain in the rear flair up. When I’d finally had enough of the pain, I went to my doctor who prescribed physical therapy. I’ve completed my 6 sessions and so far haven’t felt much relief. Now I have a series of stretching exercises to do at home, every day, without fail. I must also learn to sit properly (if only Mom had told me to sit up straight when I was growing up). The therapist assured me that in a few months I should notice a difference. I’m willing to give it a try.

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Les Traine-Savates 2010

Husband and I ran the 10.4K in nearby Cheseaux this past Saturday. It was husband’s first time to enter; I think it was my 5th. With the first half of the race being slightly downhill, the pace was fast from the start. I figured I would have to slow down on the uphill incline of the second half, especially since the north wind would be blowing against us. But to my surprise in the last few kilometers I passed several runners who always beat me. (In all fairness, many of them are running 2 races a week now that Spring is here. I’ve limited myself to 1 every other week.) I was actually able to sprint the last few hundred meters to the finish line. Even though I fell in the ranking, I ran a PR for the course! So did Husband.

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Just a figure of speech

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually run errands. It’s not that I mind walking everywhere I go in town; it just takes too much time. A fellow runner and I were imagining what it would be like if running were a socially acceptable way of getting from place to place. Instead of taking 20 minutes to get to the train station, I could make it in half the time! But then there would be the funny looks, not to mention the whole sweat and smell issue. Of course, even walking I have to rein myself in so I don’t arrive at my appointments sweaty and smelly!

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Minor challenge

While traveling, one thing to take into consideration, besides finding a decent course and trying not to get lost, is the water situation. On a recent trip, water was a problem: only a few hours of hot water every other day, no hot water the other days. There were also a few days without any running water. It takes some trial and error to develop a good system for bathing in those conditions. Here are the first rules:

1. Just because there is running water before you leave on your run doesn’t mean there still will be when you get back; fill the tub prior to stepping out the door.
2. One pot of boiling water does not go very far toward heating a tub full of cold water; draw a shallow bath.

Had our stay been longer, I might have perfected a technique.

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