Lausanne One World Run 2013

Our 5K to benefit Project Aids Orphan was pretty mush an impomptu affair this year. Even though we didn’t get the word out too far in advance, and despite the cold and wind, about 20 of us gathered by the lake last Saturday to run for this good cause. After the run, we enjoyed some well-deserved pumkin soup and I awarded the top finishers their traditional applesauce cake. Maybe next year I can get my act together and organize a full-fledged race. It could happen!

Gotta run…



Forceton Talent 2013

With all the traveling I’ve done over the past few months, involving an inordinate amount of sitting and eating (I may or may not have gained five pounds), I didn’t have high expectations for Saturday’s 12K, my first race since early September. Neighbor and I arrived at Chalet-à-Gobet an hour before the 11 a.m. start. The 850 meter elevation made it noticeably colder than home. Having dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, I hung out in the locker room to stay warm and told friends about my latest trips. As has been the case most years, the recent rain had made the course quite muddy, so I was wearing my old beat up running shoes. The race was pretty much a repeat of last year for me in every way, except for running a good 2 minutes slower. Even though I hadn’t had high expectations, I was disappointed. When I got home, I compared the two races on Garmin Connect and was relieved to see that this year’s course was 300 meters longer than last year’s and that my splits were almost the same.

Gotta run…


Caesarea by the sea

On the first morning of our 10-day trip to Israel, I asked at the reception desk which way to run. I was told to turn left at the end of the drive and keep going till I got to the sea. Husband and I started down the wide path boarded with fragrant flowers of all colors. I could tell that even if we didn’t make it to the water this would be a nice run. We reached the beach after 15 minutes and ran a short distance up the coast. We stopped long enough to dip our hands in the sea and pick up a few shells. A woman we had just passed asked us where we were from (we were wearing matching 20 km de Lausanne shirts) and if we were in Israel for a race. She said she could tell us all about local races, as she was the head of the Israeli athletic association. I was tempted to give her the shirt off my back, but I’m too self-conscious to run in a sports bra!

Gotta run...