Triathlon de Lausanne

This is a big weekend in Lausanne. It’s fun to go down by the lake to see the pros up close. Especially when they come out of the water and grab their bikes, then when they abandon their bikes to run. You can read about this year’s edition here; that is if you speak French (and are able to navigate to the sports section… Sorry, I can't get the link to work). Regular folks compete tomorrow. If one of the three sports is not your forte (I swim like a rock), you can participate as a team. I’ve never entered, but if anybody wants to form a team with me for next year, I’m game.

Gotta run…


Next best thing

Stockton sister-in-law and I used to run together every time we came to the States. But the doctor advised SSIL not to run any more, so now we just walk (at least it’s easier to talk while walking). No telling how many miles – running and walking – we’ve logged together over the years. Good memories, quality time. I was sad that we only found time to walk once this trip.

Keep on walking SSIL.


Counting calories

Donuts and coffee with plenty of whipped cream. DrPepper and Cheetoes. Pizza, onion rings and cheesecake. And the day is young! Shrimp salad and tri-tip are on the menu for tonight. The family in Stockton has been treating us well, to say the least. It would be no sweat for Micheal Phelps, but I wonder just how many miles it takes to run off that much food?

Gotta run… (that’s for sure!)


Air Zoom

Remember tearing around in your new sneakers cause your parents assured you that they would make you faster? (I once bought a pair of racing flats because they were on sale for half price and I think they did give me a psychological advantage.) After a season of infidelity with Adidas, I have come back to Nike. Don’t know if I’ll run faster in my new shoes, but they sure are pretty.

Gotta run…


Old shoes

Ok, I admit it. I have four pair of worn out running shoes that I can’t seem to throw away. (There, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.) I don’t know why I keep the old shoes; they serve no purpose and just gather dust under the couch. The last time I went to the Adidas store, they were giving a discount on new shoes if you traded in an old pair. I could have gone home and got some, but I didn’t. Now it’s past time for new shoes and a fifth pair must join the others.

What do you do with your old running shoes?


It's time

It’s time to start that 10 week training plan for the Lausanne Half Marathon.

gotta run...


Might as well be in Beijing

We made the mistake of checking the air quality index before running yesterday morning (or should I say we made the mistake of running despite Fresno’s 203 points on the index). The only other runners besides SIL and me were national guardsmen, and I don’t think they were running by choice. I don’t know how much of it was psychological, but our throats were burning and we had to stop and walk some.

Better skip my run.


Beating the heat

After three days at the coast where the highs are in the 60s, it was a shock coming back to triple-digit Fresno. I’m not exactly an early bird, but in the central valley, the early runner avoids sunstroke. Most everyone is still sleeping when I leave the house; some have woken up by the time I get back from my run. Then I sit on the deck eating breakfast, sipping coffee, and reading the paper for as long as I like. I’m on vacation after all. It’s a great way to start the day.

Gotta run...


It’s a rough life

I had the Cambria boardwalk practically to myself on my run yesterday morning. There was a couple strolling on the beach, a lone fisherman, a kayaker, and a few people hunting for seashells. No otter sightings (I believe that was kelp), but plenty of seals sprawled out on the rocks.


Gotta run…



When we come to Fresno every couple of years, we see how much the trees along the Clovis Old Town Trail have grown. When the trail was new, the saplings looked so lonely and forlorn; they were so far apart. (When I was a kid, my dad planted the cutest little row of pine trees you ever saw down our property line. They were perfectly spaced for their size. The very next year he had to pull out half of them,) But in Fresno, someone had a vision of a beautiful tree-lined path that would provide shade one day. We’re getting there. This morning, after Thursday's punishment, I was content to run an easy 5 miles to the water tower and back. I passed a dozen walkers and a handful of runners and bikers enjoying the trail.

Gotta run…


Boot camp

Twice a week SIL and a group of ladies work out with a personal trainer. She said they do strength training, stretching, etc., and asked if I wanted to come along. Sure, sounds good. Well, this morning ended up being a bit more competitive (first clue, we met at the track instead of the park). After warming up, PT told us to run a mile as fast as we could. In other words, race each other. Then he had us do 100 meter sprints. (Had I known, I wouldn’t have done the speed work yesterday!) Impossible to hold back. Who cares how sore I’ll be tomorrow. The competitive spirit rules.

Gotta run…


Lost luggage

Well, I haven’t been able to run with my sister-in-law (SIL) yet, but I did run with her shoes this morning. I got fed up waiting for my suitcase to catch up with me, so after SIL got back from her run, I borrowed her shoes (and daughter’s shorts) and headed down to the Pepperdine track for some speed work. After that we went to the beach then to the cafeteria for lunch. When we got back our luggage had been delivered and I was reunited with my shoes, which will go in my carry-on next time.

Gotta run…


Running solo

I haven’t had anyone to run with since the Pepperdine students left (miss you K.). With husband’s back problems, heart procedure, then sprained ankle; he’s been - and will be - out of commission for several months. In a couple of days I’ll get to run with my sister-in-law! Can’t wait.

Gotta run…