Walk, don't run!

Monday morning Husband ran back into the house to get something he had forgotten, then ran back to the car and drove off. Meanwhile, our next-door neighbor came face to face with a thief in her apartment. She screamed and the robber fled. She called the police, who arrived in no time. A jogger who happened by at that precise moment saw Husband run to the car. Doing his civic duty, he gave the police the licence number. Husband was stopped at a red light when four police cars, sirens blaring, pinned him in. Weapons drawn, they questioned him: "what's in your pockets?" - oodles of cash (he was on his way to the bank to make a sizable deposit); "is this your car?" - no (our car gave up the ghost last week); "what's in the car?" - a set of licence plates (removed from said deceased car). They had him get into their car and drove him back to the scene of the crime. Our neighbor, who was waiting to identify the suspect, was horrified to see Husband emerge from the police car. She said, "that's my favorite neighbor, let him go at once!" All's well that ends well. Now Husband has a new story to add to his repertoire.

Gotta run...


Vague de froid

Because of the current cold spell – the longest and most bitter in 25 years – I haven't been out running as often as usual. Last Tuesday we had a high of -7° C (20° F) and the north wind was blowing hard, but it was the only day C.B. and I could run together. I admit I was tempted to chicken out! We met down at the lake and headed south-east. It wasn't so bad until we turned around. I gasped at every gust of wind. By the time I reached home after we parted ways, I had run 10 miles. The temperature may not have hit any all-time lows, but it was certainly the coldest long run ever for me. That record will no doubt be long-standing also.

Gotta run...


Trophée Lausannois 2011

Last week all runners who had completed at least seven out of the thirteen 2011 Trophée races were honored at an awards ceremony, hosted this year by the Romanel event. The top five finishers in each age group received prizes (it was my first time to break into the top three!). Only those who ran at least 12 of the 13 races won a trophy. Runners who had accumulated the most trophies over the years got special recognition, the crown going to Neighbor who has not missed one single Trophée race this millennium!
My favorite part of the ceremony was watching two young girls, who had been waiting so patiently all evening, walk proudly down the aisle to accept their trophies. I wished I had a camera to capture the expression on their faces for their moms who were snapping pictures from the back of the room. It was a precious moment!

Gotta run...