Beasore Meadow

Husband and I just spent three days with his parents at their cabin high in the Sierras where Stop signs give way to No Trespassing signs (violators will be prosecuted). We ran up and down the hills where Native Americans camped long ago (Father-in-law has jars full of tooled obsidian at the cabin). Besides the occasional pickup, it was just us and the critters. Very peaceful, and a nice change after running in six different towns so far on this trip.

Gotta run...


Just what I needed

Husband went to the store and came home with two prizes for me; a box of frosted brown sugar and cinnamon PopTarts and the October issue of Runner's World. Now wasn't that sweet of him!

A few days later Husband slept in instead of accompanying me on my morning run. As I was running I started craving donuts. When I got home I was told to wait on breakfast because Husband had gone to the donut store :)

Gotta run...


Two in the hand

When we come to the States every few years, we always have a long list of items to purchase that are unavailable or much more expensive in Switzerland. The list includes running shoes. Not only did Sports Authority carry Nike Air Pegasus 27s, but they were $10 off and available in two different colors. I bought one of each. I'm wearing the purple shoes and saving the blue one for later. So I'm good to go till our next trip.

Gotta run...


A run down memory lane

Husband and I are in Abilene, Texas, where we met in college. We are spending our time meeting friends for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Needless to say we have some extra calories to burn; so this morning, despite the heat and humidity, we ran the parameter of campus for old times sake. Much has changed in 30 years, and much is the same. I came for my 25th reunion, but Husband had not been back for over 20 years. The students keep getting younger and younger. We are older than many of their parents! We may be a bit slower than before, but we're still running.

Gotta run...


Follow the leader

S. and T. were our gracious hosts for our overnight stay in Nashville. The royal treatment included a guided run through their present and previous neighborhoods not far from Vanderbuilt where T. is a department chair. He talked non-stop, pointing out interesting houses, streets and parks. If T. ever gives up teaching, or decides to moonlight, he would make an excellent running tour guide.

Gotta run...


Mark your calendars

Husband and I are in Paducah, Kentucky, visiting Brother and family. We've been talking about this year's One World Run. The third annual 5K will be held on the 20th of November at Nobel park and beyond. It's an international 5K in that you can sign up and run it wherever you are around the world. Last year it was a family affair for us, but we hope to organize a Lausanne extension event this fall with as many fellow runners as we can round up. Proceeds go to support aids orphans in Kenya, so come join us. The good news is...it's easy to help.

Gotta run...