La Tête d'or

Husband and I spent last weekend in Lyon, France. We had been told that le Parc de la Tête d'or was the place to run in Lyon, and that's where our hosts took us Saturday morning. The 262 acre park was beautiful and reminded us of our runs in Madrid's Parque del Retiro a few years ago. The majority of the runners seemed to be moving counter clockwise, so we joined the flow. Based on the information given to us by the first runner we passed, we had time to go twice around the perimeter and once around the lake before meeting our hosts at the Enfants du Rhône gate. We passed scores of runners, but not one passed us. We wondered if they were all recuperating from a recent race, taking it easy in view of an upcoming race, or if they were all out for a long easy run. Maybe there was a 12 km/hour speed limit for runner! At any rate, everyone was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the park.

Gotta run...