Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Knowing I could just discard them before going home, I packed my old worn-out Nikes for this trip to the States to celebrate Son 2's wedding. Over the past week I've run in four different States. Three States on consecutive days, that's something new for me. This morning I borrowed Sister's car and drove down to the Lakelands Trail to run. My blue Adidas windbreaker was fine for Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky, but nowhere near warm enough for Michigan weather!

Gotta run...


Lausanne One World Run 2012

I can't deny I was a bit disappointed this morning when a third of the people who had assured me they were coming to our 5K (to benefit Project AIDS Orphan) didn't show up. We knew one couple was on their way, so we waited a few minutes to give them time to arrive. But everyone was getting cold, so I finally sent the 15 runners and 4 walkers on their way. I knew at least one runner would be back in under 20 minutes, so I quickly got a few things taken care of before going back to the finish line. Sure enough, Bob was right on schedule! Others started trickling in and told me they had seen some of the "no shows" on the out-and-back course along the lake. Because of different mishaps, a total of 10 runners joined the race in progress. Most race directors will tell you to expect a certain percentage of runners to drop out. I doubt many have ever seen their field increase be 50% at the finish line! We ended up having about the same number of participants as in 2010 and 2011, so along with my wonderful helpers we had a nice little group for the awards ceremony, then pumpkin soup by the fire.

Gotta run...


Forceton Talent 2012

It was pouring rain Saturday morning; but having signed up for the 11K race just north of town, I was determined not to chicken out. After picking up my bib, I waited in the locker room with all the other women who were discussing how they had strategically dressed for this weather. I said I was wearing a bright red shirt so that if I fell down a hill I would be easily found. Fifteen minutes before the start of the race, the rain stopped! I was familiar with the course that wound through the forest, partly on paved roads, partly on dirt paths; so I took off at a fast pace to avoid getting stuck behind cautious runners on the narrow downhill portion of the race. I overtook several young runners as I tore down the steepest and rockiest section. The second half of the course sloped gently uphill along the rushing stream. I slowed quite a bit as I always do going uphill; but surprisingly, very few runners passed me. The last two kilometers seemed interminable (mostly because the course was almost 12K instead of 11!), but I finished strong anyway. I didn't have time to hang around and mingle, so I jogged back to my car just as the rain started coming down again.

Gotta run...


Broken promises

This is not yet another post about the mayor of  New York City cancelling the Marathon at the last minute after having announced two days earlier that it would indeed take place. (It's not even about today's election.) No, this is closer to home. At last year's Lausanne One World Run I promised that the 2012 event would be on a larger scale. But not knowing where to start, and with Son 2 getting married one week later, I could only muster the energy to maintain the 5K as it was the previous two years. (To my credit, I did find a local sponsor to pay for t-shirts so that Brother doesn't have to send them all the way from the States.) Oh well, it'll still be fun; so if you're in the area November 17th, come join us to support this good cause. You don't even have to run; come walk it, or just encourage the runners and stay for a bowl of homemade soup. I may be worthless at organizing events, but I can certainly cook for a crowd!

Gotta run...