Broken promises

This is not yet another post about the mayor of  New York City cancelling the Marathon at the last minute after having announced two days earlier that it would indeed take place. (It's not even about today's election.) No, this is closer to home. At last year's Lausanne One World Run I promised that the 2012 event would be on a larger scale. But not knowing where to start, and with Son 2 getting married one week later, I could only muster the energy to maintain the 5K as it was the previous two years. (To my credit, I did find a local sponsor to pay for t-shirts so that Brother doesn't have to send them all the way from the States.) Oh well, it'll still be fun; so if you're in the area November 17th, come join us to support this good cause. You don't even have to run; come walk it, or just encourage the runners and stay for a bowl of homemade soup. I may be worthless at organizing events, but I can certainly cook for a crowd!

Gotta run...

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Justin said...

You are certainly NOT worthless at organizing anything!
I hope the race goes great! I'm excited to be able to run in it next year.