Jouxtens-Mézery 2011

This weekend, Son 2 and I had a choice of entering the popular 10K in Pully Friday evening, or the little-known 8.6K in Jouxtens-Mézery Saturday morning. With so much going on Friday, we opted for Saturday morning. Husband decided to enter also since he was planning on going for a training run anyway. We got there in time to watch the little kids' 1 and 2K races, and to talk to some friends (one of whom posted pictures of the course here). Around 50 of us lined up for the 4.3 and 8.6K. When we took off I didn't know who my competition was, because I had no way of telling who was doing one lap and who was doing two. I kept my eye on the four women ahead of me and eventually picked off three of them. The last woman I overtook valiantly sprinted to the finish line to catch up with me. I think she was surprised to see that I wasn't stopping. The woman in the lead was nowhere in sight, so I wasn't sure if she was done or was still ahead of me. By the beginning of the second lap, the 8.6K runners were so spread out that we were all pretty much running alone. While rounding a corner I looked back and saw one woman a little too close for comfort, so I pushed a bit harder to put a safer distance between us all the way to the finish line. Husband and Son 2 and I decided to contribute to the town's economy by ordering plates of pasta and plenty of drinks while we waited for the official results. It was fun to stand on the highest step of the podium to receive my prize. Tomorrow Husband, Son 2 and I will go to the sports store to spend my gift certificate.

Gotta run...


Tour de Sauvabelin 2011

Son 2 told me he would like to participate in a few races while he is home for the summer. The first one I lined up for us to run together was last night's 4th annual Tour de Sauvabelin 5K. This was my first time trial ever. The 130 runners took off one by one every 20 seconds. I didn't have long to wait because the women over 50 started first and I was fourth in line. The course wound up and down through the woods and by the first kilometer mark I was in the lead. I must admit it was fun to be out front! I made it to the tower first and climbed the 151 steps to the finish line at the top. What a view! After lingering for several minutes, I went back down and joined uncle J. and Husband. Son 2 (in the second to last category to start) was well into the race by then. We cheered him on in the final kilometers, then made our way back to the starting line to wait for the results. I was second in my age group (the winner beat me by 4 seconds, but never actually passed me since she started several minutes after me). My prizes included a polo shirt, a technical Tee, a collapsible water bottle, a satchel bag, and assorted gift certificates. I think I'll be back next year!



I happened to notice the same fellow 10K runner at two of the spots on the 20K course where I was waiting to see Husband run by. She told me that she was also cheering on her husband who was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the race in his own special way. After running the 10K, he joined the pack of runners for the 20K! Incidentally, he came in first in his age group for the 10K, and fifth for the 20K.

Gotta run...


Perfect timing

The day before the 20Km de Lausanne, I got out my course map and marked several spots where I wanted to see certain runners go by. With friends starting in different waves, I needed my calculator to determine the exact times to expect each runner at each location (if runner A starts at 18:10 and averages 3'45'' per kilometer, and runner B starts at 18:18 and averages 4'45'' per kilometer; where will they meet on the 20 kilometer course?). Shortly after finishing my 10K race, I waited near the starting line until several friends in the 6th wave of the 20K ran by.

After that I headed up to the Rond-Point du Mont d'Or where the course makes a small loop and spotted C. once, and Husband twice.

Next I raced over to Avenue de Tivoli and caught Husband on his way up the hill, then a few minutes later C. on his way back down. They were both right on pace.

I followed the course back down to the lake and saw Husband again at la Vallée de la Jeunesse, then at the finish line in the stadium.

We hooked up with several there and waited for the 6th wave runners to finish.

We had a little impromptu celebration right there on the field since C.B. surprised me with cupcakes for my birthday! We hung around a while longer before calling it a day and biking home in the dark.

Gotta run...


Clowning around

This year's 30th anniversary of the 20km de Lausanne had a circus theme. I bought orange hairspray and a rubber clown nose; sewed pompoms on my brightest colored running shirt and buttons and clown patches on my baggiest shorts (with deep pockets that I filled with confetti); and chose miss-matched shoes, laces and socks. I had intended to wear the nose for the first and last few minutes of the 10K race, but I was having so much fun throwing confetti at the little kids along the route that I left it on, except for a couple of "breathers." Not only did I entertain the children, but the kilometers seemed to go by more quickly for me too.

Gotta run...