Jouxtens-Mézery 2011

This weekend, Son 2 and I had a choice of entering the popular 10K in Pully Friday evening, or the little-known 8.6K in Jouxtens-Mézery Saturday morning. With so much going on Friday, we opted for Saturday morning. Husband decided to enter also since he was planning on going for a training run anyway. We got there in time to watch the little kids' 1 and 2K races, and to talk to some friends (one of whom posted pictures of the course here). Around 50 of us lined up for the 4.3 and 8.6K. When we took off I didn't know who my competition was, because I had no way of telling who was doing one lap and who was doing two. I kept my eye on the four women ahead of me and eventually picked off three of them. The last woman I overtook valiantly sprinted to the finish line to catch up with me. I think she was surprised to see that I wasn't stopping. The woman in the lead was nowhere in sight, so I wasn't sure if she was done or was still ahead of me. By the beginning of the second lap, the 8.6K runners were so spread out that we were all pretty much running alone. While rounding a corner I looked back and saw one woman a little too close for comfort, so I pushed a bit harder to put a safer distance between us all the way to the finish line. Husband and Son 2 and I decided to contribute to the town's economy by ordering plates of pasta and plenty of drinks while we waited for the official results. It was fun to stand on the highest step of the podium to receive my prize. Tomorrow Husband, Son 2 and I will go to the sports store to spend my gift certificate.

Gotta run...

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