Venturing out

I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to get a long run in during our 15-day camp, then on the last day, I had a few free hours in the afternoon. I took off in the same direction as usual, but went quite a bit farther than ever before. I saw some interesting signs like "Limite de partage des eaux Méditérannée-Athlentique" and was surprise to see the sign "Col de Bourlatier 1411 m."; it hadn't seemed like I had done much climbing. I was surrounded by fields and forests covering steep hills as far as the eye could see with few indications of civilization. I doubt many other runners have ever pounded that pavement.

Gotta run...


Summer Camp

After two 13-hour days in a row in the kitchen (cooking for 188 this year) without ever stepping outdoors, I needed some fresh air. I left my two sous-chefs in charge of straightening up so that I could take advantage of the last hour of daylight to go for a run. The cool evening air was so refreshing. I didn't come across anyone except two elderly ladies out for a stroll. Besides them, there was a tractor I raced down the hill. It overtook me on the uphill climb and the driver gave me a thumbs up as he went by. The run was just what I needed. Now to get through the second week of camp!

Gotta run...


Course Destiny 2011

Last Saturday morning I biked down to Ecublens for a 10K (ok, it was really 9.78K). I ran this particular race for the first time last year when it was added to the Trophée Lausannois series. It would be difficult to compare the two races. It looked to me like the field was smaller, when in fact there were over 50 more runners this time. This year the course was modified (I didn't make any wrong turns as some did) and slightly lengthened (from 9.72K). But it wasn't nearly as hot as last year, so I ran more than 2 minutes faster. The one thing that didn't change was my ranking. I was happy about that!

Gotta run...


Athletissima 2011

This year Husband and I were privileged to have excellent seats at Lausanne's Diamond League track meet. It was exciting to see star athletes zoom by on their way to the finish line. It's on to Paris next for them. Some humbler Swiss athletes had a chance to shine also. The women's 4x400 relay team beat and old (1979) national record and earned their ticket to the European Championships. You can watch a few meet highlights here.

Gotta run...