Run for the Reef 2012

Being in the States in April meant we would miss two of our favorite 10Ks, so Husband went online to look for races in the Fresno area this month. He discovered a small 5K on the other side of town and we showed up to register an hour before the run. We lined up with about 50-60 other runners. We had decided what pace to run the night before and I was excite about using my Garmin in a race for the first time; but when we took off, I held the start button on my watch too long and if froze! (have I ever mentioned how technologically challenged I am?) I fiddled with it for a few minutes, but finally gave up on it. By then we were running well and were in third and fourth place. After we turned around at the halfway mark, we were confident we would do well. With about a mile to go, Husband sped up, but I stuck to my pace (which, according to my finishing time, was actually 5 seconds per kilometer faster than my goal time). Husband passed the two runners ahead of us and finished strong to win his first race!  I've always known he is is winner, but this confirms it!

Gotta run...


Early Birthday Present

Husband surprised me with a new Garmin Forerunner for my birthday. It has all the bells and whistles! Even though our legs were sore from running quarter-mile repeats yesterday, we decided to take that baby out for a test run this morning. She ran like a charm! Now my runs will hold no secrets for me.

Gotta run...



I had no trouble finding the perfect place to run while visiting T.S. in Oxford, England. Her flat was just a couple of blocks from University Parks. The first morning I searched in vain for an open gate, but it was apparently too early. Instead I followed the river and after a few short minutes I was out in the countryside among the sheep. Having seen which gate the groundskeeper opened first, I got a later start the next morning and ran inside the park. The last two days I ran some inside, some outside the park, checking out different lanes and paths. The gorgeous scenery more than made up for the chilliness of the weather and of the local runners.

Gotta run...