Saturday I went for a 10 mile run. There was no need to bother wearing a fancy hydration belt or even carry a water bottle. Every village has a fountain or two of the best water you’ve ever tasted. Just don’t drink from the fountains with this sign:



Were you ever hesitant to show your assignment to your classmates because of your atypical work? That’s a bit how I feel about my playlist. It’s nothing like the mixes I read about that focus on “up-tempo arrangements, feisty lyrics, and speedy BPM (beats per minute).” My playlist is probably pretty unique; including 2nd Chapter of Acts, the Beach Boys, Amy Grant, Steve Winwood, James Taylor, Carolyn Arends, Twila Paris, Phil Collins, Kenny Rodgers, and some others I‘m embarrassed to mention (ok, so Neil Diamond is on there; what of it?). My iPod is always set on shuffle, playing a haphazard mix, though arguably not the perfect mix. But it works for me.

Gotta run…


One World Run

I just signed up online for the 5K Brother is organizing in order to raise money for aids orphans in Africa. A few weeks ago I told Brother I wanted to enter the Nov. 22 race and run the distance in Lausanne that day. Here's what he wrote a few days later:

Hey your idea of an international run is catchy, we've contacted friends who are runners in Kenya, Costa Rica and New Zealand - we'll see what comes from all this.

So now it's officially an international 5K! For those of you who would like to participate either in Paducah or wherever you live, see details at Project Aids Orphan.

Gotta run...


Course des Taleines

With all the recent travel, bad weather, and jet lag, my intention to stick to a training plan didn't get past the intention stage. Big surprise. But I saw a useful training tip Runner’s World. Five weeks before the half-marathon, to simulate race conditions, run the equivalent distance in kilometers (13.1) at race time-of-day and at race pace. Since Running Neighbor offered me a ride to Saturday’s 10.6K cross-country race, I decided to run it at half-marathon pace, then run an easy 15K at race time-of-day on this holiday Monday. Meeting my goal Saturday was rewarded by a 4th place finish (there were very few women runners!). Don’t know what I’ll do with my prize. Can I interest anyone in five free solarium sessions?

Gotta run…



Yesterday I rode my stationary bike for the first time in two months. After 45 minutes and two episodes of season 3 of the Muppet Show (guest stars: Roy Clark and Gilda Radner) I told husband it was perfect training for my half marathon next month. I wanted to quit so badly. By about mile 10 of the half marathon, I’ll be wanting to quit or at least slow down. But I’ve never been a quitter.

gotta run...

Speaking of walking (see previous post), I saw an interesting article here.


Nordic walking

I would get SSIL some Nordic walking poles if I thought she would use them. It’s all the rage in Europe these days. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sport, it’s basically power walking with ski poles. It looks a bit silly to me. I mean, come on, there’s no snow in sight. Apparently it’s great exercise, I know several runners who have defected, but why walk when you can run?

Gotta run…



I read a moving article in the October Runner’s World about a doctor who gives out medals to patients (mostly children) going through a much more crucial struggle than a simple road race. His organization doesn’t accept unused medals from race directors, only medals that have been earned. I like that. Our drive from Kentucky to Michigan took us right through Indianapolis a week ago. I wish I had known about this in time to drop off some medals at St Vincent Hospital.

Gotta run…



Many years ago a three year old, after watching me polish off an 9 oz bag of Cheetos, looked me in the eyes and said; “You lack temperance.” (out of the mouth of babes) I’ve put on a pound for every week we spent in the States. By the way, let me dispel the myth that I run so that I can eat more. I love to run. Being able to eat more is just one of the perks. Now that we’re home, away from all that junk food, it’ll be easier to eat right; even though I did manage to get six bags of Cheetos into my suitcase.

Gotta run…


New Shoes

I must admit that I’m not pleased with my Air Zooms. Since Nike has a stinky return policy, I’m going home with two pair of new running shoes. I’ll be able to wear the Zooms out eventually on short runs, but they hurt my feet if I log too many miles in them. I picked up a pair of tried and trusted Air Pegasus on this last leg of our trip. They aren’t as pretty, but are much more comfortable.

Gotta run…



We’re in Michigan now visiting Sister. She has never been a runner so I went out for another solo run, this time in an unfamiliar area. After just a few minutes on the main road I found a nice path, but I go nervous when it veered into the woods and turned back. Near home I passed a woman walking two rottweillers and my heart started racing again. I definitely prefer the endorphins from running hard to the adrenaline serge from fear.

Gotta run…


Paducah, Kentucky

A few years ago I ran the Great Pumpkin 5K here with Brother. But he no longer runs, so yesterday I ran solo down Jefferson Street, lined with beautiful historic buildings and homes, all the way to the old Coca Cola bottling plant, past monuments to Native Americans, Civil War heroes and such. This morning I ran along the Ohio River on either side of the floodwall. Besides fun places to run, Paducah has plenty of good restaurants, interesting museums, and “antique” stores. If you decide to come see for yourself, I recommend Brother’s B&B in the heart of the art district just a few blocks from Downtown.

Gotta run…



We're in Searcy, Arkansas, where Son 2 has begun his first semester at Harding University. He's a runner too. Although we rarely run together (he leaves me in the dust), we're on the same course. For a while there will be no more high-fives as we cross paths. Uncle has assured us he'll look after our boy. We head out today.

Have a great year, Son 2, and keep on running.



We missed another great sports event today. We've attended Lausanne's international track meet a few times in the past. But we usually just watch it on tv, and then enjoy the fireworks display from our upstairs windows. There was quite an impressive line-up of Olympic gold medalists and world record holders tonight. Powell beat Bolt this time, running the second fastest 100 meters in history. Pretty exciting for our little city.

Gotta run...