A travers Prilly 2010

Saturday morning we woke up to a fresh powdering of snow. I love to watch the snow falling outside, and fortunately I also love to run in the snow. By mid-afternoon there was a half-foot of snow on the ground. I jogged down to Prilly for the last race of the Trophée Lausannois. The snow kept lots of runners from showing up; either because they didn't care to run in that weather, or because road conditions prevented them from getting there. So less than 150 of us lined up for the 10K (down from 220 last year). But the snowplows had done their job and the streets weren't as slippery as they might have been. With five 2-kilometer loops to run, I was quickly lapped by the fastest runner, but the last time around I was able to pick up the pace and lap a few stragglers myself. I was very pleased to learn I had placed second in my category (thanks to some of the no-shows), and even more pleased to receive my prize!

Gotta run...
See some pictures of the race here.


Part of something bigger

This year's One World Run took place in 16 cities, in 10 countries, on 6 continents! Over 600 runners participated; with 250 in Paducah, Kentucky, alone. But that's not what I mean when I say the 24 runners and 5 helpers here in Lausanne were part of something bigger. I was referring to the fact that while enjoying a run together we were helping those in need. Every cent raised through this event will go directly to AIDS orphans in Kenya. Brother gives me the credit for making this a global 5K, but he's the one working behind the scenes to help these kids.

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2010 One World Run Lausanne

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 12000 worth:
(actual written words to follow in a few days)


Lausanne and beyond

M. and M. told me they were sorry they couldn't participate in the One World Run Lausanne this Saturday because they had a trip to England scheduled this weekend. "No problem," I told them, "you can run it there!" So M. came over this afternoon to pick up a few of last year's t-shirts to wear in London. Another friend with a heart for orphans is headed to Zimbabwe this week and will also be packing a Project Aids Orphan t-shirt. Brother was hoping someone could participate in the One World Run in South America, so I put him in touch with some students in Montevideo, and others in Buenos Aires who plan to run for the orphans on Saturday. I'm excited about this!

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What about Bob?

I've often thought it would be a good idea to post more pictures here, but I'm technologically challenged (and a bit lazy as well). Now, thanks to Bob le coureur, I don't need to! I met Bob and his wife earlier this year, but didn't learn until Saturday that he also has a running blog. Bob has run 29 races this year, including all the ones that I have entered except the Geneva Marathon. He has posted tons of specifics about the races as well as course pictures. Check it out!

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Trophée du Talent 2010

This morning Husband, M.B. and I drove up to Chalet-à-Gobet for a 12K race. After some very rainy days this week, including yesterday, the weather was warm and sunny. We got off to a fast start on the downhill first half of the course. We seemed to hit the 2 kilometer marker in no time, then the 4, then the 6. That's when the course started back up the hill. I remembered from two years ago that the second half of the course was difficult. I ran and ran, but no 8 kilometer marker. When I finally saw it, I looked at my watch; more than 20 minutes since the last marker! That couldn't be right! I hit the 10 kilometer marker just 9 minutes later, and the 12 only a few minutes after that. What a relief! We hung around for the awards ceremony and, even though the race was free, there were prizes for many of us. I was very pleased with my package of socks. You can always use more socks. I also had a cool race number, 800. I like round numbers.

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A few weeks ago I plotted a course on Google Maps for our upcoming 5K run. Husband and I took advantage of this gorgeous fall day to bike down to the lake so that we could measure the course more accurately. Thanks to his trusty bicycle odometer, we determined just where to place the starting line. We also realized that it would be better to make a longer loop at the far end of the course instead of circling the track twice. I'm glad this is taken care of, and it shouldn't be too hard to update my Google map. Now if we could just have weather like today on November 20th!

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Cooking up a storm

This is the second year in a row that I've been out of town with a group of teens and missed the Lausanne Marathon (I like to run the half). I hear the weather was ideal. It's also the second time in a row that I've cooked at the teen retreat and it's rained cats and dogs the entire time! We all got tired of being cooped up. Husband told the kids who wanted to go out in the pouring rain that that didn't make a whole lot of sense. I went for a run anyway and was soaked in a matter of seconds. No regrets though. I love to cook as much as I love to run, and I love to spoil those teens with their favorite foods!

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