Trophée du Talent 2010

This morning Husband, M.B. and I drove up to Chalet-à-Gobet for a 12K race. After some very rainy days this week, including yesterday, the weather was warm and sunny. We got off to a fast start on the downhill first half of the course. We seemed to hit the 2 kilometer marker in no time, then the 4, then the 6. That's when the course started back up the hill. I remembered from two years ago that the second half of the course was difficult. I ran and ran, but no 8 kilometer marker. When I finally saw it, I looked at my watch; more than 20 minutes since the last marker! That couldn't be right! I hit the 10 kilometer marker just 9 minutes later, and the 12 only a few minutes after that. What a relief! We hung around for the awards ceremony and, even though the race was free, there were prizes for many of us. I was very pleased with my package of socks. You can always use more socks. I also had a cool race number, 800. I like round numbers.

Gotta run...


Alain said...

Félicitations pour ta course Stephanie!
Je suis tombé un peu par hasard sur ton blog - très intéressant !
Si cela t'intéresse, je raconte aussi mes courses - voici celle du Talent.

stephruns said...

Merci Alain!
trop cool ton blog avec tant de détails et de photos, je viens d'y passer une heure :)
on se voit à Prilly le 27!