2012 Christmas Midnight Run

This year's Midnight Run was a lot like last year's.

Just when we were getting settled in at home after a busy Saturday, it was time to head for the starting line. But the mild temperature made it easier to get back out of the house. Husband and I warmed up by jogging to la Riponne where we joined the other 600 runners. At 11 p.m. sharp the gun was shot and we took off on the first of three 2.3K laps around the old city. Since my knee had been hurting for several weeks, I was a bit concerned about all the steep hills, slippery cobblestones and hairpin turns. But I felt no pain at all and was able to keep up a decent pace despite the lack of training recently. Even though each lap got harder and slower, I pushed hard till the end. I was met by a volunteer who congratulated me for coming in second among the +50 women. I knew who was ahead of me and was not surprised to see who came in third. The three of us were on the podium last year too!

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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Knowing I could just discard them before going home, I packed my old worn-out Nikes for this trip to the States to celebrate Son 2's wedding. Over the past week I've run in four different States. Three States on consecutive days, that's something new for me. This morning I borrowed Sister's car and drove down to the Lakelands Trail to run. My blue Adidas windbreaker was fine for Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky, but nowhere near warm enough for Michigan weather!

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Lausanne One World Run 2012

I can't deny I was a bit disappointed this morning when a third of the people who had assured me they were coming to our 5K (to benefit Project AIDS Orphan) didn't show up. We knew one couple was on their way, so we waited a few minutes to give them time to arrive. But everyone was getting cold, so I finally sent the 15 runners and 4 walkers on their way. I knew at least one runner would be back in under 20 minutes, so I quickly got a few things taken care of before going back to the finish line. Sure enough, Bob was right on schedule! Others started trickling in and told me they had seen some of the "no shows" on the out-and-back course along the lake. Because of different mishaps, a total of 10 runners joined the race in progress. Most race directors will tell you to expect a certain percentage of runners to drop out. I doubt many have ever seen their field increase be 50% at the finish line! We ended up having about the same number of participants as in 2010 and 2011, so along with my wonderful helpers we had a nice little group for the awards ceremony, then pumpkin soup by the fire.

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Forceton Talent 2012

It was pouring rain Saturday morning; but having signed up for the 11K race just north of town, I was determined not to chicken out. After picking up my bib, I waited in the locker room with all the other women who were discussing how they had strategically dressed for this weather. I said I was wearing a bright red shirt so that if I fell down a hill I would be easily found. Fifteen minutes before the start of the race, the rain stopped! I was familiar with the course that wound through the forest, partly on paved roads, partly on dirt paths; so I took off at a fast pace to avoid getting stuck behind cautious runners on the narrow downhill portion of the race. I overtook several young runners as I tore down the steepest and rockiest section. The second half of the course sloped gently uphill along the rushing stream. I slowed quite a bit as I always do going uphill; but surprisingly, very few runners passed me. The last two kilometers seemed interminable (mostly because the course was almost 12K instead of 11!), but I finished strong anyway. I didn't have time to hang around and mingle, so I jogged back to my car just as the rain started coming down again.

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Broken promises

This is not yet another post about the mayor of  New York City cancelling the Marathon at the last minute after having announced two days earlier that it would indeed take place. (It's not even about today's election.) No, this is closer to home. At last year's Lausanne One World Run I promised that the 2012 event would be on a larger scale. But not knowing where to start, and with Son 2 getting married one week later, I could only muster the energy to maintain the 5K as it was the previous two years. (To my credit, I did find a local sponsor to pay for t-shirts so that Brother doesn't have to send them all the way from the States.) Oh well, it'll still be fun; so if you're in the area November 17th, come join us to support this good cause. You don't even have to run; come walk it, or just encourage the runners and stay for a bowl of homemade soup. I may be worthless at organizing events, but I can certainly cook for a crowd!

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Lausanne Marathon 2012

Saturday afternoon winter hit. We stayed home to eat our spaghetti instead of going down to Ouchy to share in the pasta party. Sunday morning we woke up to several inches of snow. The temperature was hovering around freezing and the wind was gusting. We felt sorry for all the 10K and marathon runners who were competing in the morning. The children's 2.6K and 4.2K races ended up being cancelled.

At 12:15 Husband and I met two running buddies at the train station to go to La Tour-de-Peilz on the last special train reserved for half-marathoners. From the train we could see marathoners struggling against the elements on their way back to Lausanne. Once we arrived at La Tour-de-Peilz there was still an hour to wait before our starting time. The four of us took refuge in the village church where parishioners had prepared snacks and hot drinks. We finally joined the ranks outside and waited for our third-wave start. We could see a 1:40' pacer just ahead of us, and a 1:50' pacer just behind us, but we were hoping to finish somewhere in between. Soon after we took off, we noticed a runner with a 1:45' sign pinned to the back of his shirt, so we tried to stay with him. About a mile into the race, I discarded my top layer of clothing; an old t-shirt. After another mile I took off my beanie and gloves and handed them to Husband who put them in his pockets. Soon the second disposable t-shirt came off. The temperature hadn't warmed up any, but I had. We were working hard to stay with the unofficial pacer, but just over half way he started pulling away. I was feeling a bit lightheaded and told Husband to go on. After that discomfort passed, I started catching up little by little. I was angry at the wind, which helped me push harder. Husband and I ran together again until he accelerated on the last kilometer to finish strong. Despite circumstances we were less than a minute off our target time!

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Husband, in blue, crosses the finish line to the right a few seconds into this clip. The unofficial 1:45' pacer is standing to the left in red and white. I'm wearing a bright orange t-shirt you can see from a long way away.



This afternoon I spent three hours giving out race numbers for Sunday's marathon, half marathon, and 10K. I was at station Gm-Guk. While I was there I went up and down the line to pick up half marathon bibs for Husband, two running buddies, and myself. We still plan on going by tomorrow to visit the expo and get our free pasta. We'll need the energy for the race; Sunday's forecast includes freezing temperatures, strong winds, and maybe even some snow.

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lost in translation

I’ve offered to correct the English pages of the Lausanne Marathon website and pointed out the most blatant mistakes, but the organizers just get defensive about it.
Here are a few gems you will find on the website:

Each of our worldly participants understands that to us they are much more than a number.

The lost can be recovered in the info booth at the Expo.
The timing chip having fixed to the back of your number is ownership of Datasport.

And my personal favorite:

Pacemakers will run with an easily visible couloured flag attached to them.

What's lost in translation is probably not meaning (I doubt many English speaking runners think they will be running behind a Medtronics device), but credibility as a professionally organized event.

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Best laid plans

Two months ago I downloaded a custom half marathon training plan from Runner's World's Smart Coach.  I have not followed it at all. I've only done two long runs and absolutely no speedwork. There has been the odd fartlek (pardon me!), but mostly I've done tempo runs. With two weeks left to train before the half marathon, I'm not going to get anywhere near that projected time on the plan. Oh, well, maybe I can fit in some mile repeats next week.

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The luck of the draw

I suppose I'm luckier than most. A few years ago I won a race entry from our bank for the 20km de Lausanne, including VIP treatment. Last year the Marseille Marathon had a booth at the Nice-Cannes Marathon; I put my name in the pot and won an entry (but unfortunately I didn't cash in). Migros, the grocery store chain where I shop, is a big race sponsor in Switzerland and I won a Geneva Escalade race entry in one of their drawings last Fall. So when I read in the weekly Migros newspaper that 40 entries for the Lausanne Marathon were up for grabs, I was feeling lucky and sent my name in. My free sign up came in the mail two days later. I had already planned on running the half marathon, which means I've saved 45 CHF (almost 50 bucks)! If only I was running the full marathon I'd be saving 75 CHF ($80)!

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Course Pédestre de Renens 2012

Last Saturday I rode my bike over to Renens in the morning to pick up my bib and to sign up M. J. for the 10K since she couldn't get there early enough to register. The second trip was for the race itself. I searched and searched for M. J., but in vain. I lined up with 300 other runners and we took off on the first of four 2.5K laps. I started off at presumptuous pace and was able to stay with the same group of runners for the first three laps. Then on the last lap I started fading. With one kilometer to go, a woman in my age group passed me, but I didn't have the energy to hang on. She beat me by 11 seconds. Last year I beat her by 10 seconds! I wonder if she's improved of if I'm declining... I looked for M. J. until I started getting cold (the weather conditions were perfect for running, but not for standing around in sweaty clothes), then I rode home. Daughter told me M. J. had called to say she got lost and the race had already started when she finally arrived. Fortunately, she was allowed to join the 5K walk instead. So I showered and got back on my bike to head down to Renens for the third time. I finally hooked up with M. J. and we hung around for the awards ceremony because there were some very nice raffle prizes, and because she had placed second in the 5K walk! I hadn't planned on this Trophée Lausannois event taking up my whole Saturday, but all in all it was good day.

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Saint-Prex 2012

Husband was summiting Mont Blanc last Wednesday, so I was on my own for the last leg of the Tour du Pays de Vaud. I took the train to Saint-Prex along with dozens of other runners. After  talking with several friends outside the locker rooms, I made my way over to the starting line by the lake. The previous Tour legs averaged 900 runners, but there were over 1100 present for this 8.6K race and we were packed in like sardines. Fortunately the gun went off right on time and after 30 seconds of shuffling I was able to run freely. We left the village, passed under the train tracks, then under the freeway and ran along the wood before starting back downhill past the vineyards. Then came the boring part of the course along the train tracks. We finally turned back down to the lake, but the last kilometer and a half to the finish line was interminable. According to my Garmin, the course was 200 meters longer than the official distance. I was not psychologically ready for that, but I managed to hold on by keeping in my sights the same women who I had been following the whole way. She and I were introduced after the race by M. P., to whom C. B. had introduced me a few weeks earlier. Since M. P. and I hung around for the awards ceremony and raffle later, I had the opportunity to get to know her better. As I was leaving, I heard several people say they were sad for the Tour to end and that they would miss the camaraderie. I know what they mean.

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Bussigny 2012

Last Saturday I rode my bike over to a neighboring village for the annual Foulée de Bussigny  race. Despite three other races being held in our area that afternoon, close to 200 runners showed up for this 3-lap 11.5K. Fall weather having hit us a few day earlier, the temperature was ideal. The course took us all through the woods outside the village. After the first lap, I was pleasantly surprised because I had been expecting steeper hills. I was also surprised that T.R. hadn't left me in the dust yet  (she told me after the race that she's still recuperating from an illness). By the end of the second lap, I was pretty much running alone and definitely enjoying the race. Half way through the third lap I could hear someone gaining on me. A young woman passed me on the last turn before the final stretch and finished 10 seconds ahead of me. The next runners to finish was almost a minute behind me. I  was happy to learn that, besides the technical t-shirt that all finishers received, the first five runners in each age group got prizes. For my fifth rank I was rewarded with an Adidas running shirt, two pair of Adidas running socks, a year's subscription to a running magazine, and other assorted goodies. No telling what the first place finisher got! I'll certainly be back next year!

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Mézières 2012

I was unfamiliar with this weeks leg of the Tour du pays de Vaud in Mézières, so I read about the course here. Yet I still wasn't prepared for the race to be as hard as it was. Besides the challenging terrain, it was very hot and muggy. I was sweating just standing at the starting line with the other 900 runners. I doubt anyone had followed the advice on the Tour website suggesting runners who don't handle the heat well take this week off. I started near the front to get ahead of the bottleneck that was sure to form as we entered the woods, but so many people passed me over the first mile that I had to slow to a walk on the first steep, single-file climb. Husband, who had started farther back, caught up with me when we got to the fields. We dodged gopher holes and cow patties together until I told him to go on at his own pace. By the time I got back to the paved road I didn't care who else passed me. My goal was to make it up the last hill before the finish line without walking. At least I did managed that.

We have to skip next week's race, so by the time Saint-Prex rolls around we should be enjoying cooler weather. If not, at least there we can jump in the lake!

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Genolier 2012

Since I have trouble finding people in a crowd, I told my friends, "You can't miss me, I'll be wearing my florescent orange running shirt to this week's leg of the Tour du pays de Vaud." It worked; everyone found me, even the sponsor who had given me the shirt. He said, "Come by my booth, I have something for you." I went over and he handed me a pair of fancy running socks to thank me for "advertising" for him! I was a winner before the race even started!

As for the 8.5K itself, the course was just the opposite of last week's; downhill on the first half and uphill on the second. Not my cup of tea. At least most of the runners passing me seemed to be younger than I am. Even though I ran a minute slower than two years ago in Genolier, my rank didn't change; so I choose to be satisfied.

On to Mézières.

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Penthaz 2012

This year’s Tour du Pays de Vaud (a series of five 8.5K races held on consecutive Wednesday evenings) started off in Penthaz. I had shin splints last summer and had to forgo the Tour, so the Penthaz leg, added last year, was new to me. From the elevation profile and Husband’s description of the course, I knew the first half would be the hardest. As soon as we started running I knew the heat would slow me down too. Even though I pushed as hard as I could, I was getting steadily passed. I let up some on the flat and downhill stretches to avoid passing out. When I made the last sharp turn less than a kilometer from the finish line, I was rewarded with a magnificent view of Mont Blanc in the distance. I could also see the last steep hill to climb. I had saved just enough energy to power up it and pass a few runners. Since I had no reference time, I didn’t know whether to be satisfied with my time or not, but I was quite pleased with my rank in my age group.

On to Genolier!

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To each his own

I didn’t know orange was the color of this year’s camp t-shirts when I packed my florescent orange running shirt in order to be more visible on the narrow, winding, country roads of Ardèche, France, where our camp is held. I also took that particular running shirt along because orange has always been one of my favorite colors (from the time my mom first let me pick out clothes, to the color scheme chosen for my freshman dorm room).

I was excited to win the florescent shirt by placing in the tower race in May because I had given away an identical shirt, won the previous year, to a fellow orange lover. But not everyone is partial to orange. The race sponsor told me he had got complaints about the shirt, and one of my friends said she can hardly stand to look in my direction when I’m wearing it. At least drivers can't miss me!

Gotta run…



A few weeks ago, having woke up extra early, Husband said, "lets go for a run before it gets too hot." I didn't feel like going, but to have some time together I did. I figured that after the first mile or so I would be happy to be out there. It never happened. I was miserable every step. It was a first for me. I realized that this is what my friends who only run to stay fit, or to spend time with their husband, experience all the time! Why would you do it? Fortunately, it hasn't happened again and I hope it never will.

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M.W. came over recently and we ran my regular 8K route together. M. W. said she was enjoying the lovely course going out, but I said, “just wait till we head back.” Some people find out-and-back routes boring, but not me. We turned around at 4K and there were the mountains, the lake, the sequoias. Wow! They were there all along, we just couldn’t see them. It’s amazing how you can be in the same place, but have such a different perspective. Once you make an about-face, so much changes. Isn’t life like that?

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A travers Romanel 2012

Husband, Son 2 and I were all three signed up for last Friday evening's 10K until we realized they had a previous engagement. Two of the Oklahoma State students staying with us this month went with me instead. Neighbor gave us a ride to Romanel and we milled around with the other runners till race time. We were fortunate with the weather, just like last year. I had looked up my time from last year, so that's what I was shooting for. I ran the first of the three laps right on target, but knew it would be difficult to keep up the pace. Even though I was 30 seconds slower on the second lap, I caught up with the same young woman on the downhill portion of the course as I had passed the first time around. I told her to lean into the slope to gain ground. She followed my advice and was able to keep up with me. I didn't catch up with her on my third and slowest lap, but saw her overtake two other women in the distance. At the finish line she came up to me to thank me for the tip. For me, that made up for being so much slower than last year.

The two Okies hadn't really known what to expect and hadn't trained for the run, but were pleased with their Swiss racing experience. By the next morning I was pleased with my race too, because I realized I had looked up the wrong race results for last year. Not only was I only 6 seconds off last year's time, but I also placed second in my age group!

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Course à Dingler 2012

When Husband and I got to Savigny last Saturday afternoon for the Dingler 10K, it had been less than 48 hours since my last race. But at least I hadn't spent six hours digging in the yard that day like Husband had! It was a hot day too, as is often the case for this event. We started out fast because the first third of the course was slightly downhill. Then the climbing started; almost 400 feet over the next 3K. I don't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I didn't remember just how much elevation gain was involved in this race. I kept pushing, hoping that just after the next rise the course would start down again. Not only were we rewarded by getting to run downhill on the final third of the race, but also by the magnificent view of the Alps at that point. The pushing paid off since I placed third in my age group. At the pasta party and award ceremony we were told this 40th anniversary run might be the last if the organizers don't find more volunteers for next year. That would be a real shame!

I'll have a few more days to recuperate before my next 10K on Friday.

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Sauvabelin 2012

Son 2 and I really enjoyed last year’s Tour de Sauvabelin 5K so we signed up for this year’s event that took place Thursday evening. There was a good turn out with 120 runners despite the fact that six days earlier the Pully 10K had drawn 350 runners, and about that many will line up for this afternoon’s Savigny 10K. Only the diehards will run all three races!

I had decided jogging that the 2.5K up to Sauvabelin from home would be a good warmup. That was probably a bad idea. First of all it drained too much of our energy; and secondly, it was way to early for Son 2 to warm up. The race was a time trial with runners starting one at a time every 20 seconds. I had finished my 3 miles through the woods, climbed to the top of the tower for the finish, and made my way back to the starting line before Son 2, who was last in line, had begun! At least that way I got to cheer for him. It was a tough race, but we were both satisfied with our times.

By the time the pasta supper, the drawing, and the awards ceremony were done it was getting late. Neighbor was kind enough to give us a lift, so fortunately we didn't have to jog all the way back home.

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The ANTs go marching one by one...

Son 2 has been helping me learn all the intricacies of Garmin Connect. Countless users plug their handy ANT Agents into their computers and upload data from their Garmin devices. We were mesmerized watching the ten-digit total miles logged by users clicking away at an impressive rate. The site posts little tidbits like how many thousands of trips to the moon and back the total millage represents, or how many tons of candy could be consumed in relation to total calories burned. I will just use the very basic functions like distance, pace, elevation gain, and course; but you can also track heart rate, cadence, weather conditions, etc. It was certainly fun to examine the courses I've run so far on the satellite map.

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2012 Shinzen 10 mile run

To help make up for missing the 20km de Lausanne last Saturday, Husband and I entered a 10 mile race here in Fresno. I had never competed in a 10 miler, nor had I ever started a race at 6:45 a.m.! The two of us and some 100 other runners ran a big loop in Woodward Park, then headed down the Eaton Trail. The course was much more rolling than I expected, but I soon adjusted to that, and was right on pace when I made the turn to head back. The gap between me and the runners ahead of me gradually widened until I lost sight of them with about 3 miles to go. Not again! I looked back and could only see one other runner behind me. Once I got back to the park I had to ask for directions several time. Fortunately I finished without getting lost, right at my target time. After the race we enjoyed meeting and chatting with A.K. who had been an elite marathoner in her prime.

Besides it being my first 10 miler, the race was out of the ordinary in other ways: The women outnumbered the men 3 to 2; and even though I finished in the top 10% of women overall and 20% of men and women combined, I only finished in the top 40% of women in my age group.

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Run for the Reef 2012

Being in the States in April meant we would miss two of our favorite 10Ks, so Husband went online to look for races in the Fresno area this month. He discovered a small 5K on the other side of town and we showed up to register an hour before the run. We lined up with about 50-60 other runners. We had decided what pace to run the night before and I was excite about using my Garmin in a race for the first time; but when we took off, I held the start button on my watch too long and if froze! (have I ever mentioned how technologically challenged I am?) I fiddled with it for a few minutes, but finally gave up on it. By then we were running well and were in third and fourth place. After we turned around at the halfway mark, we were confident we would do well. With about a mile to go, Husband sped up, but I stuck to my pace (which, according to my finishing time, was actually 5 seconds per kilometer faster than my goal time). Husband passed the two runners ahead of us and finished strong to win his first race!  I've always known he is is winner, but this confirms it!

Gotta run...


Early Birthday Present

Husband surprised me with a new Garmin Forerunner for my birthday. It has all the bells and whistles! Even though our legs were sore from running quarter-mile repeats yesterday, we decided to take that baby out for a test run this morning. She ran like a charm! Now my runs will hold no secrets for me.

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I had no trouble finding the perfect place to run while visiting T.S. in Oxford, England. Her flat was just a couple of blocks from University Parks. The first morning I searched in vain for an open gate, but it was apparently too early. Instead I followed the river and after a few short minutes I was out in the countryside among the sheep. Having seen which gate the groundskeeper opened first, I got a later start the next morning and ran inside the park. The last two days I ran some inside, some outside the park, checking out different lanes and paths. The gorgeous scenery more than made up for the chilliness of the weather and of the local runners.

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30th Cross des Amis de la Nature

Last Saturday was this year's first spring race. It was a beautiful day, so I biked down to Chavannes. I picked up my bib, greeted other runners I hadn't seen for months, then warmed up. I had only run this particular race once before and remembered it as being challenging. The women were running twice around the 2K cross country course, then an hour later the men were running three laps. Soon after our race started, the gaps began to widen between runners; by the time I finished the first lap, there was no one within 50 yards ahead or behind me. We were strung out that way till the end of the race. I was pleased to see several of the men encouraging us as we ran by. I would have stayed to cheer for them on their three laps; but with company coming that evening, I hopped on my bike to get home to cook dinner.

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Walk, don't run!

Monday morning Husband ran back into the house to get something he had forgotten, then ran back to the car and drove off. Meanwhile, our next-door neighbor came face to face with a thief in her apartment. She screamed and the robber fled. She called the police, who arrived in no time. A jogger who happened by at that precise moment saw Husband run to the car. Doing his civic duty, he gave the police the licence number. Husband was stopped at a red light when four police cars, sirens blaring, pinned him in. Weapons drawn, they questioned him: "what's in your pockets?" - oodles of cash (he was on his way to the bank to make a sizable deposit); "is this your car?" - no (our car gave up the ghost last week); "what's in the car?" - a set of licence plates (removed from said deceased car). They had him get into their car and drove him back to the scene of the crime. Our neighbor, who was waiting to identify the suspect, was horrified to see Husband emerge from the police car. She said, "that's my favorite neighbor, let him go at once!" All's well that ends well. Now Husband has a new story to add to his repertoire.

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Vague de froid

Because of the current cold spell – the longest and most bitter in 25 years – I haven't been out running as often as usual. Last Tuesday we had a high of -7° C (20° F) and the north wind was blowing hard, but it was the only day C.B. and I could run together. I admit I was tempted to chicken out! We met down at the lake and headed south-east. It wasn't so bad until we turned around. I gasped at every gust of wind. By the time I reached home after we parted ways, I had run 10 miles. The temperature may not have hit any all-time lows, but it was certainly the coldest long run ever for me. That record will no doubt be long-standing also.

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Trophée Lausannois 2011

Last week all runners who had completed at least seven out of the thirteen 2011 Trophée races were honored at an awards ceremony, hosted this year by the Romanel event. The top five finishers in each age group received prizes (it was my first time to break into the top three!). Only those who ran at least 12 of the 13 races won a trophy. Runners who had accumulated the most trophies over the years got special recognition, the crown going to Neighbor who has not missed one single Trophée race this millennium!
My favorite part of the ceremony was watching two young girls, who had been waiting so patiently all evening, walk proudly down the aisle to accept their trophies. I wished I had a camera to capture the expression on their faces for their moms who were snapping pictures from the back of the room. It was a precious moment!

Gotta run...


Happy trails

Husband and I have been working in Bulle for the past two weeks. It was easy to find a good place to run here because our hotel is next to a woods with plenty of trails. I followed the 3.9K blue train solo, with Husband, then with C.B. Each time was like being on a different trail since the ground went from being frozen, to slippery, to muddy. Yesterday I decided to try out the 6.9K green trail. It wasn't as well marked as the blue train and I somehow got off track. I stated to back track, which meant I wouldn't reach the trail head until close to dark. It was getting misty and I confess I was starting to feel nervous before I "run into" another runner (the only one I saw) who showed me a direct way back. I wonder if he is blogging about saving a runner lost in the woods!

Gotta run...


2012 Cross International de Lausanne

Last Saturday was the kind of clear and beautiful day where you feel the need to get outdoors. Husband and I got down to Vidy in time to see the elite international runners finish their race. I had just enough time to warm up and say "happy new year" to friends before all us regular runners lined up. The men were running eight 1K laps, the women five. The cross-country course was flat as can be, with four logs to hurdle along the way. Fortunately, it was quite cold, so there was no problem with mud on the course. Each lap went by surprisingly fast. I was careful to count my laps. Unfortunately, against better judgment, others listened to the volunteers who told them to go around one more time. I know of at least one woman and one man who ran an extra kilometer. I was very sad for them.
Husband, who had not entered the race to encourage me, waited in the cold with me for a hour before I got my fourth place prize: a big box of winter vegetables. Lots of good vitamins to keep us healthy!

Gotta run...


New year

Leafing through the Swiss Athletics Guide des courses populaires 2012, I marked 22 races I plan on entering if all goes well. (That's nine more than I ran in 2011, but I was injured for two months.) Ten are Trophée Lausannois events, five make up the Tour du Pays de Vaud series, and the rest are races I've done anywhere from once to twenty times. I start with a cross country 5K down by the lake this coming Saturday!

Gotta run...