Happy trails

Husband and I have been working in Bulle for the past two weeks. It was easy to find a good place to run here because our hotel is next to a woods with plenty of trails. I followed the 3.9K blue train solo, with Husband, then with C.B. Each time was like being on a different trail since the ground went from being frozen, to slippery, to muddy. Yesterday I decided to try out the 6.9K green trail. It wasn't as well marked as the blue train and I somehow got off track. I stated to back track, which meant I wouldn't reach the trail head until close to dark. It was getting misty and I confess I was starting to feel nervous before I "run into" another runner (the only one I saw) who showed me a direct way back. I wonder if he is blogging about saving a runner lost in the woods!

Gotta run...

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