2012 Cross International de Lausanne

Last Saturday was the kind of clear and beautiful day where you feel the need to get outdoors. Husband and I got down to Vidy in time to see the elite international runners finish their race. I had just enough time to warm up and say "happy new year" to friends before all us regular runners lined up. The men were running eight 1K laps, the women five. The cross-country course was flat as can be, with four logs to hurdle along the way. Fortunately, it was quite cold, so there was no problem with mud on the course. Each lap went by surprisingly fast. I was careful to count my laps. Unfortunately, against better judgment, others listened to the volunteers who told them to go around one more time. I know of at least one woman and one man who ran an extra kilometer. I was very sad for them.
Husband, who had not entered the race to encourage me, waited in the cold with me for a hour before I got my fourth place prize: a big box of winter vegetables. Lots of good vitamins to keep us healthy!

Gotta run...

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