To stretch or not to stretch

An alert reader sent me a link to an article about pre-run stretching. In a recent study runners were divided into 2 groups; no matter what their normal routine was, one group was to stretch before runs and the other was not to. The study showed that runners who stretched were just as likely to get injured than those who didn't! And here's the most interesting finding:

Non-stretchers who started stretching had a 22% increased chance of injury compared to non-stretchers who stuck with their routine, while stretchers who stopped stretching had a 40% higher chance of injury.

If you switch your normal behavior, you increase your chances of injury, but we're not sure why this is.
Whatever the reason, it's nice to know that we non-stretchers are finally off the hook.

Gotta run...


Looks like rain

These days more often than not I run accompanied. It's great to have several weekly scheduled runs with friends, but that means less flexibility. I don't like rain. If it's just me, and I see black clouds, I'll usually wait out the rain or just skip my run altogether. I've been known to put on my running shoes, open the door, see that it's sprinkling, and come back inside. But if someone is expecting me to show up, I can't let that person down. At least I'm not a fair weather friend! I guess it's time to invest in some rain gear.

Gotta run...


Valentine's day

Running with Husband this Valentine's day morning got me thinking about how many couples hit the trail together. We have often commented on the number of couples who turn up at races. It's not just that one is running and the other cheering, often both are entered in the race. We sometimes speculate on how they met. Did he or she get into running so that they could spend quality time together? Did they meet on a track somewhere? Did they both take up running after years of married life? Were their first dates athletic like ours were? Occasionally we'll even make up a story about some couple or another just for fun.

Gotta run...