2012 Christmas Midnight Run

This year's Midnight Run was a lot like last year's.

Just when we were getting settled in at home after a busy Saturday, it was time to head for the starting line. But the mild temperature made it easier to get back out of the house. Husband and I warmed up by jogging to la Riponne where we joined the other 600 runners. At 11 p.m. sharp the gun was shot and we took off on the first of three 2.3K laps around the old city. Since my knee had been hurting for several weeks, I was a bit concerned about all the steep hills, slippery cobblestones and hairpin turns. But I felt no pain at all and was able to keep up a decent pace despite the lack of training recently. Even though each lap got harder and slower, I pushed hard till the end. I was met by a volunteer who congratulated me for coming in second among the +50 women. I knew who was ahead of me and was not surprised to see who came in third. The three of us were on the podium last year too!

Gotta run...