2011 Christmas Midnight Run

After a very busy day, Husband and I jogged to town last Saturday evening for the Midnight Run (held once again at 11 p.m.; go figure). I was running for the fifth year in a row, Husband was there to root for me. Luckily for him the temperature was much warmer than the previous two years. I started at the very front because I knew I had a good chance of being on the podium again. I was pretty sure T. would win again in the over-50 age group, and sure enough she passed me half way through the first 2.5K loop through the old city. I had seen N. before the race, but didn't know how far back she was. Since she beat me in the last two race we competed in, I was watching for her. My pace on the second loop was a bit slower, and I was almost lapped by the overall winner, but he finished just seconds after I started the third loop. It was getting tougher to run up the steep cobblestone streets, but I didn't know if N. was on my heels, so I pushed hard. I lapped a couple a stragglers just before crossing the finish line. I was second in the Senior women category once again! I don't know how many more years I can place in this race; I guess as long as the top senior women stay home in bed!

Gotta run...


2011 One World Run Lausanne

I had lots to plan and prepare last week for Saturday’s One World Run to benefit Project AIDS Orphan. I borrowed flags to mark the course, contacted my helpers to tell them what their jobs would be, tested my homemade race bibs to see if they would hold up in the rain, and searched all my drawers for sets of four safety pins. Wednesday I ran the out and back course along the lake one last time to make sure everything was in order. Friday I baked cakes for prizes and made four gallons of pumpkin soup. Saturday morning I got up early and made four gallons of hot tea and heated the soup. We loaded up our van and drove down to Vidy to get set up. I needn’t have worried about rain because the weather was beautiful. The 30-odd runners started arriving and soon it was time to start the 5K. I shouted “à vos marques, prêts, partez” and they were off. Twenty minutes later the winner crossed the finish line, then the others started trickling in. Everyone hung around for tea, soup and prizes. It was so exciting to see neighbors, church friends, coworkers, family members, students, and even a few serious runners gather together for this good cause.

For a detailed account of the race and more pictures, check out the winner’s blog.

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Course de l'Escalade 2011

I hadn’t run Geneva’s Escalade race since I lived there in 1981-82. In the mean time the Escalade has become Switzerland’s biggest running event, with 25000 participants in 27 races beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m. I had often considered entering again, but had never got farther than good intentions until this year. In a drawing last month I won two free entries, so I gave one to Neighbor and kept the other for myself.

Saturday morning, J.W. offered me a ride to Geneva. We got to the Bastions in plenty of time to pick up our bibs, find our way to the locker rooms, and get back to the starting line to watch the 50 and over men’s race take off with C. in the lead followed by a sea of 1500 runners. By the time the leaders finished their three laps, it was time to warm up and get a strategic spot near the front of the 550 women 50 and over. It was kinda cool to be running in an all women’s race for once! It was also a change to be among the youngest runners! The canon went off (not a starter’s pistol, a canon!) and we were off for two 2.5 km laps around the old city. Three other women kept about the same pace as I did (one of them was in her 60s!). They would pass me going uphill, and I would pass them going down. But they had saved enough energy to sprint on the home stretch and I had not.

After experiencing the large crowds of cheering spectators, the friendly volunteers, and the festive atmosphere, I think I’ll be back next year.

Gotta run...