The luck of the draw

I suppose I'm luckier than most. A few years ago I won a race entry from our bank for the 20km de Lausanne, including VIP treatment. Last year the Marseille Marathon had a booth at the Nice-Cannes Marathon; I put my name in the pot and won an entry (but unfortunately I didn't cash in). Migros, the grocery store chain where I shop, is a big race sponsor in Switzerland and I won a Geneva Escalade race entry in one of their drawings last Fall. So when I read in the weekly Migros newspaper that 40 entries for the Lausanne Marathon were up for grabs, I was feeling lucky and sent my name in. My free sign up came in the mail two days later. I had already planned on running the half marathon, which means I've saved 45 CHF (almost 50 bucks)! If only I was running the full marathon I'd be saving 75 CHF ($80)!

Gotta run...

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