Genolier 2012

Since I have trouble finding people in a crowd, I told my friends, "You can't miss me, I'll be wearing my florescent orange running shirt to this week's leg of the Tour du pays de Vaud." It worked; everyone found me, even the sponsor who had given me the shirt. He said, "Come by my booth, I have something for you." I went over and he handed me a pair of fancy running socks to thank me for "advertising" for him! I was a winner before the race even started!

As for the 8.5K itself, the course was just the opposite of last week's; downhill on the first half and uphill on the second. Not my cup of tea. At least most of the runners passing me seemed to be younger than I am. Even though I ran a minute slower than two years ago in Genolier, my rank didn't change; so I choose to be satisfied.

On to Mézières.

Gotta run...

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