2012 Shinzen 10 mile run

To help make up for missing the 20km de Lausanne last Saturday, Husband and I entered a 10 mile race here in Fresno. I had never competed in a 10 miler, nor had I ever started a race at 6:45 a.m.! The two of us and some 100 other runners ran a big loop in Woodward Park, then headed down the Eaton Trail. The course was much more rolling than I expected, but I soon adjusted to that, and was right on pace when I made the turn to head back. The gap between me and the runners ahead of me gradually widened until I lost sight of them with about 3 miles to go. Not again! I looked back and could only see one other runner behind me. Once I got back to the park I had to ask for directions several time. Fortunately I finished without getting lost, right at my target time. After the race we enjoyed meeting and chatting with A.K. who had been an elite marathoner in her prime.

Besides it being my first 10 miler, the race was out of the ordinary in other ways: The women outnumbered the men 3 to 2; and even though I finished in the top 10% of women overall and 20% of men and women combined, I only finished in the top 40% of women in my age group.

Gotta run...

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Michael said...

I would enjoy a run through Woodward Park, I haven't been there in many years.