Sauvabelin 2012

Son 2 and I really enjoyed last year’s Tour de Sauvabelin 5K so we signed up for this year’s event that took place Thursday evening. There was a good turn out with 120 runners despite the fact that six days earlier the Pully 10K had drawn 350 runners, and about that many will line up for this afternoon’s Savigny 10K. Only the diehards will run all three races!

I had decided jogging that the 2.5K up to Sauvabelin from home would be a good warmup. That was probably a bad idea. First of all it drained too much of our energy; and secondly, it was way to early for Son 2 to warm up. The race was a time trial with runners starting one at a time every 20 seconds. I had finished my 3 miles through the woods, climbed to the top of the tower for the finish, and made my way back to the starting line before Son 2, who was last in line, had begun! At least that way I got to cheer for him. It was a tough race, but we were both satisfied with our times.

By the time the pasta supper, the drawing, and the awards ceremony were done it was getting late. Neighbor was kind enough to give us a lift, so fortunately we didn't have to jog all the way back home.

Gotta run...

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