Les Traine-Savates 2010

Husband and I ran the 10.4K in nearby Cheseaux this past Saturday. It was husband’s first time to enter; I think it was my 5th. With the first half of the race being slightly downhill, the pace was fast from the start. I figured I would have to slow down on the uphill incline of the second half, especially since the north wind would be blowing against us. But to my surprise in the last few kilometers I passed several runners who always beat me. (In all fairness, many of them are running 2 races a week now that Spring is here. I’ve limited myself to 1 every other week.) I was actually able to sprint the last few hundred meters to the finish line. Even though I fell in the ranking, I ran a PR for the course! So did Husband.

Gotta run…

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