Chance encounter

Speaking of hearing footsteps behind me, one time I was overtaken by another runner on a long run while training for a half marathon. But this guy didn’t leave me in the dust. (Had I been listening to my iPod that day, I bet he would have passed without a word.) He slowed down, said he had been closing in for quite a while and that I looked strong. I told him what I was training for and we ran together for several kilometers. Before parting ways, he said he was sure I would do great in the upcoming race. What a pleasure to get a boost like that!

Gotta run…


colin said...

I have been following your blog now for some time. Since chancing on it while attempting to get in shape for the Beaujolais marathon.

I asked a friend about the etiquette of overtaking a while back. Not that it happens to me that often, but what should you do / say?

stephruns said...

If the person is alone and not listening to music, I usually (not that it happens to me that often either) slow down and chat for a few minutes before resuming my previous pace. it's always ok to be friendly.
thanks for stopping by, Colin. did you run the Beaujolais marathon last year?

colin said...

I participated, I am not sure I can claim I ran it! Allot of fun, well up to about 30km anyway.

Everything about the race was well done, they had even managed to order in some nice weather.

I know you missed it. That was unfortunate. After all the work you must have put in. So will not be to whimsical about it.

Keep up the writing, I enjoy reading the blog. Just a wee bit of encouragement so that you continue.

stephruns said...

my husband did run the Beaujolais marathon. he had trouble after 30K too, a killer course, but it's true that the weather was perfect that day.
thanks for the encouragement Colin!