Le Marathon de Genève, 3

One thing that helped me break 4 hours in the marathon was hearing so many people shouting my name. It was a really nice touch to have our first names on the race bibs! The 2-lap course was roughly shaped like an 8, with most of the spectators bunched around the central Mont Blanc Bridge. The four times we crossed the bridge, dozens of people encouraged me by name. Believe me, it makes a difference! There were 2 spectators who knew my name without reading my bib. B. had told me she would be present to cheer me on, and I was thrilled to see a friend from Lausanne there as well. But the farther we got from the bridge, the more sparse the on-lookers. Besides the deserted 5-kilometer stretch at one end of town, there was a very lonely 5-kilometer stretch along the lake on the opposite side of town. I might have done even better if the whole course had been as crowded as the center of town!

To be continued…

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