Le Mont

Yesterday was our last day together as a family until next May (Son 1 left for the States this morning). We had a great evening together at the first leg of the Tour du Pays de Vaud; three of us as participants, two as spectators. Son 2 was happy to race again after a year and a half hiatus. He goes back to college next week, so he won’t complete the series this time, but he did get a t-shirt.

Though it was almost a time of parting for us, for others it was more like a family reunion. Runners who hadn’t seen each other all summer compared vacation experiences. The announcer not only called out names of the elite, but also the regulars he saw warming up.

C. also joined us for the 9K. It was his first race in the Lausanne area. He was impressed by the stiff competition, especially since no prize money was involved. C. finished tenth overall and first in his age group. We hope he’ll be back to race in our area soon.

Gotta run…

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