Tour du Pays de Vaud

The Tour du Pays de Vaud is a series of five 9K races held on consecutive Wednesday evenings in different small towns around Lausanne. There’s no prize money or awards for the individual races, just a t-shirt (one t-shirt whether you do 1 or 5 races; you also wear the same bib number each week). Those who run at least 4 out of 5 races get a little something the last evening. The first time we entered it was a thermos, the second time a bottle of vinegar (well, why not). Between 600 and 700 people run each race. About half of those runners complete the whole series. It gets to where you pretty much know who you are going to beat, and who is going to beat you. Husband, Son 2, and I are looking forward to the first leg this Wednesday.

Gotta run…

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Brady said...

Some of these folks are very serious runners. Hard to keep up