Les Traîne-Savates 2011

Husband's parents, who are visiting from California, went to Cheseaux with us Saturday to experience the local race atmosphere first hand. With what may have been record heat for a 9th of April, I saw that C.B. had doused her cap with water before the race, so I poured some water on my head too. When I was already thirsty standing at the starting line of Saturday afternoon's 10.4K race, I knew I was in trouble. I started well like last year, but after a few kilometers of running in the 3 o'clock sun, all I could think about was water. Getting to the shade in the woods helped some, but what I really needed was a drink. We didn't hit the aid station until kilometer 6! I revived a bit after that, but had to slow down. My closest competitor passed me at that point looking very strong. Husband, who started the race far back in the pack, caught up with me around kilometer 8. He encouraged me to pick up the pace again and we finished together. Our prize was a running cap. Too bad they weren't handed out before the race instead of after!

Gotta run...

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