A travers Prilly 2011

Six days after the marathon, I was still sore and stiff, but it was time for my next my 10K. Saturday afternoon I hopped on my bike just half an hour before race time and headed to Prilly, less than a mile from home. The shopping center where I picked up my race number was practically deserted (unlike last year when it was crowded with runners seeking shelter from the snow). I went outside and greeted friends near the starting line. T. said she wasn't in top form and that I just might beat her this time, but I told her that wasn't likely as I had just run a marathon. We were comparing marathon experiences when the gun when off. I made it to the top of the first hill on the 2-kilometer loop without too much trouble. The second, smaller hill wasn't a problem at all. The 2 kilometers were over in no time, only four more laps to go. The leader passed me half way through the second lap. So amazing to watch those first rate runners! The woman's winner passed me just as I was finishing the fourth lap. I pushed up the last hill pretending the top was the finish line, then coasted down to the actual finish line at the bottom of the hill. Ten kilometers seemed so short after last week's 42 kilometers; what will next Saturday's 5K be like!

Gotta run...

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