A travers Prilly 2013

I don’t usually have to run tactically. I can size up the field before a local race and know who will finish 2 or 3 minutes ahead of me, and who will finish a few minutes behind me. The Prilly race, a week ago last Saturday, consisted of a one mile loop through town that we were to run five times (keep track of your own laps!). As we started up the first hill a woman cut me off while passing me. When we started down the first hill I passed her and glanced at her bib, 511. She was in my age group but I didn’t recognize her. On the next uphill section, she passed me for a second time. It was my turn to pass her as we rounded the last corner before the end of the loop. We went through the same yo-yoing on the next two laps. By the fourth time around I was beginning to wonder what strategy to adopt to beat 511. I didn’t think I could win a final stretch sprint. She passed me halfway up the first hill of the last lap; but I hung on and put the pedal down, passing her for the last time just before the top. I didn’t let up until I crossed the finish line. I’ll be on the lookout for 511 at my next race.

Gotta run…

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