L'Escalade 2013

The weather was perfect for this year’s Escalade. I got to the Bastions in Geneva in time to see C. run his race. I cheered for him on each of his three laps, but he was so focused that he never saw me. I then made my way to the starting line where I joined 650 other ladies running the women’s masters race. I got close enough to the front to avoid getting stuck behind slow runners, but not too close to hinder faster runners. The pace was fast from the start. Most of the races I enter are 10Ks, so a 5K is not a distance I’m used to. Besides that, my Garmin had given out on me earlier in the week. I didn’t know how I was doing except in comparison to other women I recognized. When S., with whom I had been chatting during the men’s masters race, passed me as we started the second lap, I was determined not to let her get out of my sight. Other than the times she went around corners in the old city, I was able to do just that. The pictures and finisher’s clip below attest to that.

S. (and others) gaining on me

S. about to overtake me

S. finishing 9 seconds ahead of me

Gotta run…

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