Now for the serious training

I’ve run more than a dozen 20Ks or half marathons, but until yesterday, I had only run farther than 21K three times in my life. All three time were over a five-week period 16 years ago. I had been serious thinking about entering the first Lausanne Marathon that would be held June 23rd, 1993, to celebrate the grand opening of the Olympic Museum. Soon after the Lausanne 20K that first Saturday in May, I called the Marathon organizers and asked for advice. The guy told me if I could run a 20K, I could run a marathon, cause it was a matter of will power. He said to do a couple of 2 1/2 hour runs, which I did. That was my whole marathon training, but I was only 35 at the time; at 51 I decided I would need a smarter training plan. Yesterday I ran 22K, it’s not much farther than 21, but it is farther. From now till the Beaujolais Marathons, my long runs will all be among my longest ever.

Gotta run…

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Brady said...

You are way too brave.