Final stretch

The other day, Son 2 was telling us about his intramural cross-country run. A guy passed him 300 meters before the finish line, but Son 2 decided he wasn’t going to let that guy beat him, so he stepped on the gas and took back the lead. That reminded me of the question Son 2 asked me 16 years ago, when I ran my first marathon. Age 5 at the time, he said, “Mom, why didn’t you pass that lady at the finish line?” The spirit was willing, but the flesh… Wait a minute, at that point the spirit was not at all willing, the only thing that mattered was reaching the finish line.

Gotta run…

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lisacarol said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. This is the first time I've tracked your blog down and it's great. Keep running the race! Blessings to you!