Surrounded by beauty

If you had any idea how beautiful my long run was this morning, you would be seriously jealous. I ran through woods, the countryside, quaint villages – there was a farmer’s market in one and in the other two ladies stirring a 5-foot wide by 4-foot deep pot of soup – and crossed a wooden footbridge over a babbling brook. I saw multicolored autumn leaves, fields of lavender thistles, bright yellow sunflowers, horses grazing, snow covered Alps rising up across the lake, majestic sequoia trees, ducks swimming in a pond, vines crawling up century-old farm houses and mansions. If the Beaujolais Marathon course is anything like today’s run, it’ll be awesome. I’ll just need to remember to look up and not focus on my feet.

Gotta run…

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Brady said...

Don't trip when your looking around!