Row, row, row your boat

The same friends who had given us two stationary bikes in the past recently offered us a rowing machine. Daughter was the most excited about it, but Sons 1 and 2 have used the rower too. I was waiting for the bad fall weather to try it out. Little did I know summer would end the first week in August! So earlier this week I put on an episode of Monk (the one where he is practically paralyzed by all his phobias, but manages to solve the case anyway) and rowed for 42 minutes. Husband was sure I had overdone it and would be sore in all kinds of places the next day. I thought I had got off pretty light, with only slight stiffness between the shoulder blades, until I ran some sprits the next day. Lets just say rowing is an excellent abs workout. At least it only hurt when I sprint, not when I laugh!

Gotta run…

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