Bussigny 2013

Last Saturday was my second time to run the Foulée de Bussigny 11.5K. While waiting for the race to start I found a spot in the shade and visited with friends I hadn’t seen all summer. With only about 150 runners, there was very little pushing and shoving as we took off. Since the 3-lap course wasn’t the same as last year I didn’t quite know what to expect. First we wound through the village, then up a long hill in the fields. Everyone had hit their pace by then and I found myself behind a group of four or five men who powered up the hill ahead of me. At the top, we turned into the woods and started back down. I passed the group of men and was enjoying the cool shade and downhill running. But soon we left the woods and got back on the road into the village with the sun beating down on us again. I grabbed a sponge at the aid station and squeezed all the water on my head. I also downed a sports drink before starting the second lap. I ran the second lap a minute slower, but still yo-yoed with the same group of men. On the third lap the men never did pass me and I even caught sight of T. R. She is a much better runner than I am, so I felt pretty good about finishing only 20 seconds behind her. All in all it was a good race, even though I hope next year we can go back to running the whole course in the woods.

Gotta run...

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