On the run in Paducah

I’m currently in Paducah, Kentucky, visiting Brother and have been fortunate enough to attend all three of his kids extracurricular activities while here. It was exciting to see Nephew run his first cross country meet Saturday morning.
That afternoon Brother, Nephew and I entered the Paint me RAD 5K. We found out that this was NOT an actual Color Run as we had first thought, but a fundraiser for the radiology students at the local college. There was a big turnout; 500 people according to the Paducah Sun. We were told to line up, runners in the front and walkers in the back. We ran at a leisurely pace because Brother has a bad knee and, hey, this was a fun run. After the first color station my t-shirt was still white, and I had little to show for going through the second color station. Finally I actually stopped in order to get hit, but the volunteers didn’t really have their technique down. Oh well. A few hundred yards from the finish, Brother inexplicably started sprinting. I thought, ok, and followed. After crossing the invisible finish line I stepped in front of a runner to join Brother and Nephew. Said runner, who Brother dubbed Spandex Girl, immediately confronted me for not respecting the finishing order. She really had her spandex in a wad! How was I to know anyone was keeping track of who beat whom?! Later Brother explained his sudden motivation to sprint: SG had no business beating us!

Gotta run…

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