Most improved

Last year, Husband had a tachycardia halfway through the Kerzers Lauf. I didn’t see him squatting down by the side of the path, so when I crossed the finish line I thought he was still ahead of me. I searched for him in vain, then waited, and waited, and waited. I was getting nervous. It was half an hour before he came into sight. Four months later, a cardiologist fixed his heart, so praise God no more tachycardia!
I was pleased to shave 29 seconds off last year’s time, but Husband was definitely the most improved of all the thousands of runners; he finished 28 minutes and 51 seconds faster than last year!

Gotta run…

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Brady said...

Hey, thanks for putting me into the post. Almost 30 minutes better! That means next year, I'll really have to run fast to know off that big of a percentage.

Love you.