Kerzers Lauf, 2

Husband and I arrived at K-H and N’s house early enough to visit a while before making our way to the Kerzers Lauf staring line, just a stone’s throw from their place. I was in G block and took off ten minutes before Husband (M block, more about that in the next post). It was cold and windy. For the first few kilometers lots of runners past me, but then I started picking off F block stragglers; very satisfying. After finishing, I waited to see Husband cross the finish line. It was a short wait, unlike last year (30 minutes, more about that in the next post). He finished with many H and I block runners, having passed runners from start to finish. We spent the rest of the day enjoying fellowship with K-H and N. All in all, a great day.

By the way, this year’s prize: yellow shoelaces.

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